Must-Visit States on the East Coast of America

Headed to the United States of America? Of the fourteen states alongside the east coast, here are three you must visit. They are Washington DC, South Carolina and of course, New York, New York!


Washington DC

You would be doing yourself a disservice just to focus on the political richness of the centre of DC. There are many amazing suburbs and towns within DC that are well worth a visit. Adam’s Morgan is a quirky place, with a long street filled with bars, shops and restaurants. Check out the bar Madam’s Organ Blues Bar and marvel at the unique decor inside. Meanwhile, Georgetown is home to a high-brow University of the same name. You can stroll around some parts of the campus, but you’ll find just as much to do in the main town. There is an ideal mix of chain stores, and independent bakeries, boutiques and coffee shops. Most are located within beautiful old buildings. You can get subway trains to both of these places from the centre of DC.


New York City

It’s tough to summarise how much of a mind-blowing place New York City is with only a paragraph. There is just so much to do, but that means there is no chance of ever being bored. If it’s your first time, the main tourist spots are must-see’s. That goes for the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty. You’ll have to take a ferry to see the latter, which is a great way of seeing New York from a different perspective. Go and pay your respects at Ground Zero.

If you like to shop, you’ll love places like Bloomingdales and Macy’s. Plus, make seeing Central Park an absolute priority. As well as the vast amount of paths, trees and miniature parks, there is also a Zoo and a year-round ice rink here. Visit Greenwich Village, the home of New York University, for quaint side streets and independent coffee shops. Then, change up the pace with a visit to the vibrant and bustling Times Square. Stay in an apartment with for an affordable place to rest your head and recharge your batteries for the next day.


South Carolina

It is impossible to describe how South Carolina looks with one word or phrase. Take the town of Charleston, for example. Walk down the main streets here and you’ll see all sorts of influences. The buildings feel kind of British while the palm trees remind you of the Caribbean. There is also a strong European vibe, mixed in with the fact that you’re still in the USA. The shopping and sightseeing you can do in South Carolina are great. However, something you can find here that you can’t in Washington DC or New York City is beaches. They are vast, sandy and predominantly very safe. In the summer months, the sea is warm and pleasant. You’ll feel very jealous of the houses overlooking the sand and water here! South Carolina also has a small handful of great zoos and some utterly stunning parks and open green spaces.

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