How to Plan Bangkok on a Budget

Traveling to Bangkok has become far easier than it was until a few decades back all thanks to the increased interest in travel, more airlines operating back and forth and competition among travel agents. Thailand has always held its charm among filmmakers, students, and food bloggers and photographers. While you may think that the locales you see in a movie are touched up or made to look pretty, nothing can be further from the truth on that. So, if you imagine white sandy beaches and palm trees when you say Thailand, you should know that it should also conjure up amazing scenes of mist-covered mountains, gorgeous tropical forests and rich, ancient monuments.

Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand filled with culture and luxury like none other. And you don’t necessarily have to break the bank to enjoy a vacation to Bangkok. With a little bit of research, you can book cheap flights from Kolkata to Bangkok or from any other part of India as well. Read on to know how to plan a trip to Bangkok on a budget.

See for free             

While most of the temples in and around Bangkok are free to visit and enjoy, the Wat Mahathat, the center for royal ceremonies and celebrations in the past, is a place that is worth considering. The free meditation classes conducted by the monks within the premises offers something quite unique compared to any of the other temples. They teach the ancient art of “seated meditation” and “walking meditation as well”. A visit to Bangkok is incomplete without a stopover at “The Grand Palace”. Though it is the official residence of the current monarch, it is only used for ceremonies. At 500 Baht, it is worth your time and energy as you get to view the palace, customs, and traditions.

Budget shop

If you are looking to shop but would like something quirky yet reasonable, then go to the “Rod Fai Market”. This market located on the eastern outskirts of the city is a perfect place for those who would like to pick up a thing or two for their homes. It is a wonderful market for second-hand and vintage items. While it may not be something up your alley, it is a perfectly good way to spend an evening in this unusual yet bustling market. With tons of cheap street food options and a beer in hand, you can spend a wonderful, relaxed evening soaking in the local culture. If you are here during the weekend, then stop by the “Chatuchak Weekend Market”. Here, you can buy anything and everything. You are bound to get some of the best deals on gifts, traditional foods, drinks and some unusual and peculiar items for your home.

Cheap stays

There are several travel blogs and forums which have numerous travel plans, itineraries and suggestions for those traveling on budget. While some would like to plan a trip with children, some others would be looking for a romantic getaway. Always surf such websites and forums for advice. There are several cool hostels which offer amazing deals for those who would like to stay in close proximity to sky trains and some of the most popular hangouts. While these are popular with the younger crowds, hostels such as Oneday Hotel Sukhumvit 26 have a few select private rooms as well.

Cheap eats

Bangkok has more than a few places where you can have a great meal and not spend all your money on it. Home cuisine Islamic restaurant is one such place where you will not only find scrumptious meals but let you split or share your meals too. If pizzas, sandwiches, and burgers are your kind of a meal, then head to Buono @ Basement where you will find all this and more for a fraction of the cost you will pay at a high-flying restaurant.

Traveling to a new place can be as easy or as difficult as you make it. Always plan your trip well in advance, book cheap flights from Kolkata to Bangkok and make use of websites that can help you plan your trip. Get your paperwork ready, make arrangements for your money and read up about the new places before you travel so you can have the best possible experience!

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