The Pros And Cons Of Moving To The Countryside

Lots of people choose to leave their city lives and move to the countryside every single year. However, there is a lot of confusion out there about the benefits and drawbacks, and so this post aims to set the record straight. You’ll find a list below of all the pros and cons you can expect to encounter if you decide to put your apartment on the market and purchase a property somewhere a little quieter than the big city. So, take a moment to read through these points, and you should come away with a better perception of the situation. Of course, you should always conduct more research before rushing into anything.

The pros of moving to the countryside

There is no getting away from the fact that people who buy a new home and live their lives in the countryside tend to stay on this earth much longer than the rest of us. That is because those living out in the sticks will maintain a slow pace of life where they don’t encounter as much stress as their urban counterparts. You’ll also get to breathe lots of fresh air, and that will help when it comes to ensuring you don’t develop too many medical complaints. You won’t have to spend cash on a gym membership because there are endless lanes where you can jog and get in shape. Also, according to specialists like those working at Altrua, property prices are often much lower in the country than they are in populated areas. That means you could save a fortune.


So, to recap, the pros of moving to the countryside include:

  • A better quality of life
  • Less pollution
  • More opportunities for exercise and getting outside
  • Reduced house prices
  • A sense of community

The cons of moving to the countryside

Of course, it’s essential that we take a look at the other side of the coin to present a fair argument, and there is no getting away from the fact there are many downsides to living in the countryside too. For example, many people struggle to find work in the towns and villages because there are fewer businesses than you will find in the city according to experts from sites like Work Cabin. So, if you don’t own a company, work using the internet, or have the motivation to drive for hundreds of miles every day, there is a decent chance you will prefer urban areas. Some villages can also make you feel claustrophobic after a while because everyone knows their neighbour’s business, and there’s always lots of gossips.

With that in mind, let’s recap some of the cons:

  • A lack of employment opportunities
  • Too much gossip
  • The lifestyle can become boring
  • You might lose touch with your friends

Now you know about all the pros and cons of moving to the countryside; you should manage to make an informed decision this year. Don’t worry too much if you’re not ready to up sticks and move your life right now. Many people find living in the country exceptionally comfortable when they mature and have a stable income or lots of savings. Still, it’s essential to have a dream and plan for the future, and that’s what you’re doing right now, regardless of the decision you make.

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