Recharge Your Batteries: The Benefits of Taking a Vacation

Far too many of us don’t take the holiday entitlement we are owed and the truth of the matter is that combining a busy workload with raising a family can take its toll on your mind and body if you don’t take a break.

If you need to recharge your batteries and have the chance to put your mind and body back in shape by being re-energized, one of the best ways of doing that would be by taking a vacation.

Here are some pointers on the obvious and hidden benefits of taking a vacation, such as getting your stress levels down, how it could help you enjoy a stronger relationship, maybe get a pay rise, and improve your odds of living longer.

Dial down the stress

It is estimated that only about 25% of Americans take their full allocation of paid vacation days and there are believed to be as many as 40% of people who don’t take any vacation days at all.

There are a number of convincing reasons why that is bad news if those estimations are anywhere near accurate.

One of the major reasons why a vacation offers a positive health benefit is that taking time out to relax should help reduce your levels of stress. Taking a vacation can help to bring your current stress levels a notch or two giving your mental and physical health a good boost in the process.

Good for your relationships

When you check into a hotel like the Renaissance Arlington by Marriott the effects should hopefully be immediate and those feelings of tension and stress from a heavy workload should start to fade when you relax and set about making the most of your vacation.

There is also a good chance that as well as feeling better yourself as a result of taking a break you might find that a vacation can be good for your relationships.

Tension and tiredness can lead to problems with depression and that is going to have an impact on your personal relationships when you are not your usual self. Taking a vacation can’t be considered a cure for your problems in their entirety of course, but getting away from your usual routine has to be a big help.

Improved work performance

If you are looking for a potential hidden bonus associated with taking a vacation it could be argued that by taking time off and recharging your batteries you will return to work in better shape and be able to perform better.

If your vacation helps you to boost your work performance you might even benefit from a raise or a promotion. It’s a nice thought to consider that taking a vacation could boost your work prospects.

Live Longer

It is surely no coincidence that in some European countries where workers get to take a minimum of 30 days of vacation per year, levels of life expectancy are higher.

These countries also tend to have lower health care costs too, which tends to support the argument that taking a vacation is good for you in all sorts of ways.

Isn’t it time you took your entitlement and started planning a vacation adventure?

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