On The Road? Common Errors People Make When They Start Driving!

Yes! You have finally passed that driving practical, and now you are allowed on the open road. You can’t wait to buy the car of your dreams and start driving around town. But although we are often a lot safer drivers than men (go girls!), we do tend to make mistakes when we are behind the wheel. Therefore, we need to make sure we are staying safe when we get on the road. Here are some common errors people make when they start driving.

They think they are invisible

You might not realise that driving is one of the most dangerous forms of transport. A lot of people are scared of flying or going on a boat ride, but, in fact, driving is claimed to be the most dangerous. After all, five people a day die in car accidents. Therefore, when you do get behind the wheel, you need to remember that you need to stay safe. You are not invisible; accidents will happen in your car if you don’t drive with caution. A lot of people think it won’t happen to them and take risks when driving. But you need to stay alert to ensure you keep yourself and others safe while you are on the road!.


They don’t get proper cover

It’s so important that you ensure you get your car insurance sorted before you get on the road. After all, if you don’t get insurance, you could get a ban before you even get on the road! Therefore, research providers and read over the documents before you make a purchase. You need to check how they will cover you if you do get into an accident which isn’t your fault. Some insurance providers will pay out for a new vehicle and will arrange a lawyer for personal injury claims. You need to be clued up so if an accident does happen, you are not asking questions such as Will My Accident Injury Lawyer Support Me Throughout My Claim? Therefore, read up and ask questions before choosing a provider!

They don’t check their car regularly

Once you get on the road, it’s so easy for time to pass without checking your vehicle. But if you aren’t looking at oil and water levels regularly, you may run into issues on the road. Therefore, you need to open up the bonnet and take a look to make sure everything’s a-okay before you head out on the road. Also, you need to make sure you are checking the tyre pressure. You don’t want to end up with a deflated tyre while you are in the middle of nowhere. Keep a number of a mechanic with you while driving, so that if you do get an issue, you can contact them quickly.

They drive too fast

Unfortunately, a lot of people treat their vehicle like a racing car! But you need to make sure you are not driving too fast when you are on the road. For one thing, you might end up getting in trouble with the law if you go over the speed limit. It will lead to points on your license and a fine. Also, you might be going too fast to react to an unexpected situation on the road. It could mean you hit something, or someone, by accident. Therefore, make sure you are driving at the specified speed so that you stay safe while on the road!

They don’t adjust their driving for the weather

When the weather takes a turn for the worse, we need to alter our driving to handle the situation. If you don’t, it will end up resulting in an accident. For example, you won’t be able to drive as fast if the roads are soaking wet. Otherwise, your car could end up aquaplaning, and you will lose control of the vehicle. You should also be careful how you are using the brake during wet weather. As discussed in this article, slamming your brakes may cause your brakes to lock up. As for snow, you need to ensure you stay a safe distance from other vehicles. They might brake suddenly, and it will result in a crash if you are close!

They don’t adjust the seating

A lot of people are not sitting in their car correctly. They get in without adjusting the seat properly. But it’s so important you are making changes so you are protected in the event of an accident. For one thing, you need to make sure you are the correct distance away from the steering wheel. As this feature explains, you need to leave about eight inches to ensure the airbag can inflate properly in an accident. Also, you need to ensure the headrest is level with the top of your head. It will help prevent whiplash if you are in an accident.

They don’t go for a small car

A surprisingly amount of new drivers go for big cars as they want to drive fast. But it doesn’t mean they will be safe on the roads. Your SUV or Subaru will not slow down any faster than anyone else’s car if you get stuck in bad weather. Also, it’s a lot harder to find a parking space when you have a bigger car. Therefore, for your first car, you should go for a smaller car. That way, you can get more experienced on the road before you move on to a bigger vehicle.

They text and phone while driving cars

You might not know that texting and other electronic usage causes up to 25% of car crashes! Therefore, you need to make sure you are not texting or making calls while you are driving. That one text message isn’t so important that you need to put yours, and other drivers lives in danger. If you need to make a call, you can get a Bluetooth system fitted in your car so that you can ring safely while you are driving. But avoid texting at all costs when driving your car!

73% of young drivers admit they are guilty of adjusting the radio when driving. But this distraction could end up causing an accident. Therefore, limit your use of the radio while on the road!


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