The Tech Travel Revolution – Why Smartwatches are a Tourist’s Best Friend

Smartwatches are a tech travel trend sweeping the nation. These wearable devices are making the lives of travelers easier with information literally accessed with a flick of the wrist. Not only do these watches look attractive, but they also have features that make the everyday traveler’s life easier. 

Millennials have started this trend and have positive thoughts on the wearable technology. Find out how smartwatches have become a tourist’s best friend.

Attractive Features of Smartwatches


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As a traveler, a watch is great for telling time, but it misses the functionality that can make your life easy. A Samsung watch operating on the T-Mobile network is a natural choice for travelers. A fast and reliable network is a must for any traveler who needs efficient and fast notifications. According to OpenSignal’s 2017 rankings, travelers prefer T-Mobile for its fastest 4G LTE network.

Travelers will appreciate the following benefits of using smartwatches:

  • GPS Technology: With reliable GPS connectivity, you will always know exactly where you are traveling to next.
  • Fitness: As a frequent traveler, working out can be tough. Smartwatches have features to track your steps and monitor your heart rate. 
  • Apps: Travelers use many apps. A normal watch can simply tell you the time, but wearable technology can contact Uber, check your SkyMiles, and use Yelp to find the nearest restaurant. 
  • Battery Life: We all know how challenging finding an outlet in an airport to charge your phone can be. A watch that has similar functionality can save your phone battery while traveling. You can use notifications, text, and apps so that when you arrive at your destination, you will still have batteries left on your watch, but your phone will also not be drained. 
  • Looks: Today, smartwatches come with changeable bands and screens. You can customize your wearable technology to fit your style. If you want an alligator band or the standard rubber band, you can find them.

A Few Tips About Smartwatches

Few negative issues surround smartwatches. Their technology is continually improving with system updates and new features. However, you may want to keep the following points in mind.

  • Charging: Your regular wristwatch does not need to be charged. With a smartwatch, however, you need to charge it. While battery life on the devices is improving dramatically, regular charging will save the battery on your device. 
  • Price: Travelers who spend only $20 on a watch will have to spend more to upgrade their technology. The price points of these watches are attractively priced and are not much more than any other name-brand watch. 

Aside from these two points, you’ll find that smartwatches can be reliable pieces of travel equipment for you.

Connectivity While Traveling

34375771124_b57de6a8f3_bImage via Flickr by Andri Koolme

Frequent travelers always wants to stay connected to the world around them. While traveling, you can easily lose touch with the outside world and what is going on around you. Wearable technology allows you to easily get the most up-to-date news, flight information, and emails while traveling. As a frequent traveler, you would not want to miss out on a gate change. 

Do you Need a Smartwatch?

Now, the question remains: Do you need this wearable technology? If you want to have an easier time traveling by enjoying some peace of mind, then the answer is yes.  

Walk around any airport and you will see this tech travel revolution happening. Not only do smartwatches appeal aesthetically, but their functionality is also what sets them apart from the wristwatches travelers have become accustomed to using. As a frequent traveler, you always want more tools to make the most use of your time when you’re exploring new destinations.

First the smartphones helped us gather information about places we wanted to travel to. Now, in 2017, smartwatches have become the most essential item that travelers of all persuasions shouldn’t leave behind.

Don’t miss the tech travel revolution: Be the traveler you always wanted to be and get a smartwatch to help you maximize the benefits of this smart and efficient wearable technology. 

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