Top Places to Visit in 2018

Can you believe we’re almost through the year? 2017 has just flown by and I’m excited about what 2018 is going to hold. I have been thinking about the best travel destinations to visit in 2018 and decided to share a curated list to get you inspired for your next trip overseas. Read on to learn my top picks for traveling in the new year:

1. Explore Russia
Russia has so much to offer the traveller – there you will find a language that’s likely to be new to you, beautiful cities with exceptional architecture, a rich and interesting history, and delicious food. There’s plenty of great ways to explore Russia – whether you decide to travel independently, take a tour, or even go on a wonderful Russian River CruiseNo matter where you go in Russia, I’m sure you’ll find yourself somewhere that’s extremely photogenic and drowned in intruiging history, but please make sure to visit St. Petersburgh. Of all of Russia, St. Petersburgh feels distinctively different: it’s like a fusion of the best parts of Russia, mixed in with a more Parisian feeling city.  Take a camera and plenty of spare batteries, because I’m sure you’ll be taking so many pictures of this incredble city.

2. Head to Middle Earth
Chances are you’ve seen the Lord of the Rings movies, or at least heard about them. They were shot in New Zealand because of the beautiful scenery there. You can actually visit the set of Hobbiton, go on a tour around the grounds and take tons of photos standing in the Hobbit holes. There’s more to see in New Zealand than just Lord of the Rings filming sites, though! New Zealand is home to some excellent mountains that become ski fields during the colder months. Due to the long narrow shape of both of New Zealand’s main islands, there’s always a stunning beach within a few hours drive from anywhere in New Zealand. Often regarded as one of the world’s most beautiful lakes, Queenstown is a travellers dream – it is home to many extreme sports including white water rafting, bungy jumping, sky diving and kayaking. The windy city of Wellington is home to New Zealand’s biggest museum: Te Papa which has a range of permenant and rotating exhibitions and is an excellent place to learn more about this fascinating and relatively new country.

3. Check Out Nicaragua
Central America is an often overlooked destination, but I think that’s a mistake. Many people who visit the region just do a trip to Costa Rica, maybe stopping in Panama for a little before heading home. While Costa Rica is stunning, it’s very Americanized and compared to it’s neighboring countries, a lot more expensive. Nicaragua is how I imagine Costa Rica to be 20 years ago before the influx of American Expats. It’s affordable, friendly and feels a world away from the United States. If you’re into adorable colonial towns, then you must pay a visit to Granada. While it’s bit sized, it has a lot of personality packed into a small space. There’s beautiful garden restaurants, a large park where locals leisurely pass the day and photo opportunities around every corner. If you’re into golden beaches and like a bit of surfing, then you should head to San Juan del Sur, a small beach town that is very famous for it’s Sunday Funday parties. Wherever you head to in Nicaragua, I’m convinced you’ll fall in love with this little peace of paradise.

4. Get Lost in Spain
If you love cheap wine and free tapas, then chances are you’re going to love Spain. The Spanish know how to have a good time; it’s not uncomon to head out to dinner at 10pm. You may even see people old enough to be grandparents (or great grandparents) out until 6am. There’s a different focus on the quality of life here that I haven’t seen elsewhere which makes it a really fun place to travel. You can head to Barcelona to admire the beautiful architecture scattered across the city, while enjoying the proximity to a wonderful beach. If you prefer smaller towns, as I do, then you must head to Granada and make a visit to the Alhmabra, which is in my opinion, one of the most incredible complexes in the world. If you feel most happy in a large city, then Madrid will delight you with it’s wonderful metro system and incredible shopping. Head to Mercardo San Miguel, which is an upmarket food market and, taste your way around – be sure to enjoy the meat in a cone.
The world has so many wonderful destinations to visit, that it can be overwhelming deciding exactly where to go. Use this guide of my top four picks of travel destinations to get excited for your next year’s holiday. Do you have anywhere in mind? Let me know in the comments below so I can get inspired too!

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