Why You Should Visit Thailand in 2016

Thailand is the perfect destination for solo travellers, honeymooners, friends, and families. A large percentage of the country’s GDP is from tourism, and with a well-worn trail between the islands in the south and the mountains in the north, it’s no wonder why so many people return again and again.

Here are some reasons why you should visit Thailand in 2016:


Sure, Thailand has a rainy season, but the weather is never truly chilly- although it can get cooler at night during the dry season in the north. But for people who enjoy sunset on the beach, wearing flip-flops and slapping on some SPF, you can’t get better than Thailand.


Like Thai food? Try it in Thailand and you’ll open yourself up to a whole different experience. The food in Thailand has far more variety and flavours and a spicy kick that lets you know you’re in Thailand (say “mai pet” when you order if you prefer your food on the milder side). Not only is it delicious, but you’d be hard pressed to find street food costing more than $2 for a huge serving of delicious, healthy food.


Expats and tourists around the world are drawn to Thailand, and a large reason is the friendly Thai locals. They seem to always be happy, extremely polite and ready to help. If you can’t speak Thai you’ll find that Thais who speak English are always willing to translate for you, and if you visit numerous times you’ll find that they’ll remember you and ask about your family.

The Islands

If you love the beach you’ll love the Thai Islands. Sure, there has been a lot of development in recent years, you can still find pristine, undeveloped islands throughout the country. If you love diving you should definitely head to Koh Tao, and those who like to party can enjoy the full moon party in Koh Phangan.

The Jungles

While Thailand is an excellent place to sit on the beach and oak up the sun, it also has some of the most lush and beautiful jungles in the world. With hill tribe treks in Norther Thailand, elephants in Khao Yai National Park and forest throughout the country, you’ll be able to get off the beaten path and spot the wildlife.

The Markets

Whether you’re browsing the night markets in Chiang Mai or the Chatuchak weekend market in Bangkok, you’ll be sure to find some great deals. Try some local food, and check out the unique handmade goods-particularly in the north. The markets are an excellent place to buy souvenirs, with handmade soaps that have been painstakingly crafted to look like flowers to textiles, woodwork and more.

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