3 Reasons Why Avocado Is A Health Food Hero

The humble avocado, or “alligator pear’, as it’s sometimes known, is fast becoming a staple part of our healthy diets. People are becoming more aware of the benefits of eating and using (more on how soon) the lovely Mexican fruit, and it is popping up in recipes, Instagram posts, and blogs everywhere. The following are some of the positive effects that introducing avocados into your life can have on your well-being.


You might be surprised, but avocados contain a substantial amount of vitamin C, which needs to be topped up regularly as it’s not stored in the body. Vitamin C is vital in creating collagen and elastin; these keep your skin firm, smooth, and youthful in appearance. The tasty green fruit is also crammed full of antioxidants; this helps to provide protection for the skin against any environmental damage, such as pollution and weather changes, that may occur. By providing an added barrier of skin defense, avocados can help to stop fine lines and wrinkles, keeping your face as fresh as a daisy.

Avocados are brimming with monounsaturated fats (which are good fats; hooray), which assist in hydrating and moisturizing your skin, so the skins surface feels soft and full of life. So if your skin is feeling dry and lackluster; you might want to try adding slices of avocado to your salads and smoothies on the regular. Or better yet, try incorporating avocadoes into your skin care routine, the best face mask are the ones that make use of natural ingredients and with avocado’s plentiful oxidants and natural moisturizing properties, your skin will look and feel younger. For even more anti-aging foods, that help you get beautiful skin, take a look here: http://www.girlyblogger.com/health-hacks/7-anti-aging-foods-younger-beautiful-skin/.


Intimate Areas

Remember those healthy fats that were mentioned earlier; well they can help keep your intimate area in good condition too (I know right, who knew?!). The fats in avocados assist in keeping your vaginal walls healthy and ensures that everything remains lubricated down south. Therefore, if you notice any vaginal odor, dryness, or discomfort; then it might be time to get down to your grocery store to grab some avocados.

The good fats aren’t the only benefit that avocados can provide to our body, in particular, our lady parts; the fruit contains vitamins B6 and potassium, which are thought to boost libido levels. As previously stated; avocados contain a surprising amount of vitamin C, which contributes towards a strong immune system. Your immune system can help prevent and fight any bacterial infections you may get down there, resulting in a happy and comfortable intimate area.

Inner Health

Eating avocados as part of a balanced, healthy diet will help keep your digestion and stomach health stable, and functioning as they should. There is a high-level fiber within the fruit which assists in the digestion of your food, and the absorption of your vitamins and minerals. Fiber-rich diets can often help to prevent diseases and infections within your gut, and will battle any bloating or constipation you might have; resulting in a serene stomach area.

The wealth of vitamins talked about earlier will also contribute to a healthy digestive process. By helping to produce collagen, vitamin C will maintain the tissue strength in your intestinal walls, and it has also been linked to preventing certain types of cancers in your gastric area. The B vitamins found in avocados aid the body in metabolizing your protein intake, which is an essential source of energy and strength.

Overall, avocados are superheroes when it comes to the inner and outer health of your body (they’re also delicious); so get that guacamole ready! For some avocado recipe inspiration, take a look here.

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