4 Reasons to Use a Foam Roller In Your Exercise Regime

If you suffer from knots in the muscles, tender points, or stiffness that restricts your range of motion you could benefit from a foam roller workout. The foam roller is exactly what it sounds like, a roll of foam that you use in a massaging action to stretch muscles and rehabilitate injured muscles and joints including muscles in the legs, the hip joint, and muscles in the back. Foam rolling improves circulation in the body and prepares muscles for a deep stretch, thus maximising the positive impact of a workout or massage.

If you are new to the world of foam rolling, find out how this technique can help increase your fitness and get your muscles working effectively again, and how it can even benefit your emotional wellbeing.


  1. Improved Circulation

You obviously need good circulation for so many aspects of good health. If your circulation is poor you are at risk of a weakened immune system, numbness, pain, and even cognitive decline. The action of using a foam roller helps to boost your circulation by liberating areas where blood pools and becomes constricted.

  1. Better Flexibility and Range of Motion

Studies show that when you use a foam roller as part of your stretching routine you increase your flexibility and lessen muscle tightness. This is especially true for hips and backs. Using a foam roller is beneficial for loosening up tightness in the hip joint. If you want to learn more about how to incorporate foam rolling into a routine for hip flexibility,  here are some great Hip Flexor exercises for anyone to try.

  1. Lower Risk of Injury

You can use foam rollers not just to rehabilitate from injury but also to prevent injury from occurring in the first place. When you add your foam roller workout to your stretching routine you help stretch out the muscles and therefore decrease the risk of injuries that occur which are linked with tightness. This is especially important for runners.

  1. Reduce Your Stress Levels

The action of foam rolling is very soothing not only to your muscles but also to your overall emotional wellbeing. The levels of the stress hormone cortisol are lowered and you can relax after a strenuous workout. In addition, you lower post-workout muscle soreness which can be a considerable source of stress. Using a foam roller is a good way to feel in better shape and boost your emotional wellbeing as part of your fitness routine.

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