It’s All Green Ahead: Getting Eco-Friendly With Your Driving

A growing concern for climate change has caused many car companies and governments across the world to tackle the pollution caused by road vehicles. Going green is the way of the future and getting involved now could give you a headstart, as well saving you money on various road taxes and charges. Here are just a few ways that you can make the change.

Buy an electric vehicle

Electric vehicles come with all kinds of advantages. They’re exempt from tax, often have lower insurance rates and charging up is likely to cost less than fuel consumption. Electric vehicles are largely suitable for the city as they don’t quite have the range yet to pull of long distance trips. You don’t have to buy a car – you can get an electric scooter allowing you to negotiate smaller roads more easily.  Urban areas may also offer various electric vehicle perks such as free charging points and use of bus lanes.


Alternatively, buy a solar battery charger

If you still like the freedom of being able to go on a roadtrip and aren’t ready to part with petrol yet, there are still ways that you can drive sustainably. One useful gadget to have is a solar charger for your car battery. Car batteries will naturally deplete in the winter without going for a regular drive, but having a solar battery charger can prevent this from being an issue, as well as ensuring you always have electricity on long distance drives.

Get fuel-saving gadgets

There are a number of gadgets out there that can help you minimise your fuel usage. The eco-pedal stop you from accelerating as hard by applying pressure back to your foot, stopping you from churning up as much fuel through harsh driving. Meanwhile, for those with older cars that don’t have onboard economy driving assistance, there are a number of green gadgets out there that can read your speed and engine use, telling you when to best change gear and when to ease off the accelerator in order to get the most out of your tank of fuel.

Smoothen up your driving

Of course, you don’t have to buy gadgets to help you drive more economically. Simply paying more attention to your gear shifts and how hard you accelerate can make a difference. Try not to brake so hard either (unless in an emergency), as this will cause you to have to accelerate back up to speed. Turn off the ignition when in traffic jams and make sure that you’re always driving on fully-inflated tyres. All this will have you visiting the gas station less often.

Don’t drive everywhere

Perhaps the most obvious way to use less fuel is to drive less often. Stop using your vehicle for those short trips around the block and consider walking or using a bike. You may also be able to use public transport in some cases. Being able to drive is a nice convenience, but it doesn’t mean you should drive everywhere.

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