5 Pest Control Tips For Commercial Buildings

Your business can be negatively impacted in many ways by pests. Unsightly bugs may scare away potential customers or cause you to fail a health inspection. Bugs and rodents can also put you and your customers in danger. Use these tips to protect your commercial building from unwanted pests.

  1. Pay Attention To Your Trash

Don’t allow trash cans to overflow and make sure they have lids on them. Take the trash to an appropriate receptacle outside of the building every night and don’t leave litter sitting on the property. This is especially crucial for trash involving food or other sugary substances that are particularly attractive to bugs and rodents.


  1. Watch For Leaks

Water leaks in pipes or drains can attract bugs and other creatures looking for water. Rats and mice can quickly become a problem if they are given easy access to a water supply. Because standing water leads to mold which is also attractive to pests, it is important to fix even a small leak.

  1. Don’t Skimp On The Cleaning

A dirty common room or an employee break room with food sitting out on the counter is an open invitation for bugs and rodents. While many businesses are strict about cleaning areas visible to the customers or doing spot checks on cubicles and offices, back rooms may not receive as much attention. To avoid pests, make sure all rooms are thoroughly cleaned regularly.

  1. Limit Outside Access

Bugs are usually small enough to squeeze into even seemingly insignificant cracks in exterior walls or holes in the roof. Performing regular inspections and scheduling repairs when needed can prevent pests from entering your building.

  1. Train Your Employees

Because they are focused on their daily responsibilities, employees tend to ignore or not notice bugs. Unless there is a visible infestation, smaller pest issues can go unnoticed until they are out of control. Adding a section about pest awareness to your training program can make it easier for employees to spot and report any issues they see.

Although you may do a wonderful job of attempting to prevent bugs and rodents, sometimes they can still become a problem in your building. Instead of searching through commercial pest control companies that deal with the treatment of termites or pest control for cockroaches, call Terminix at 1-844-251-2164. Terminix can handle both large and small pest problems and can even provide you with a quote when you visit their website. With over 300 branches, Terminix is the answer to your pest problem.

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