5 Ways to Care for Your Body From the Inside Out

The outside world can take a toll on our bodies. What’s going on inside is usually a reflection of our daily activities and the environment that surrounds us. You may not be able to control everything going on around you, but these five solutions can help you care for your body from the inside out.


Keep Skin Hydrated

Keeping skin healthy isn’t just a matter of looking good. Our skin is our body’s outer layer of protection. It’s our first defense against harmful pollutants, bacteria and physical trauma.

It’s vital that we keep skin hydrated so that it can effectively repair itself and continue to provide protection. When you’re dehydrated it’s more difficult for the skin to rid the body of toxins and cell turnover slows. Because the skin is slower to heal it can also increase the risk of infections.

Combating dehydrated skin starts by making sure you’re drinking enough water every day. The recommended daily amount is at least nine cups of water for women and 13 cups for men. However, if you sweat during the day you’ll need to up your intake. Eating foods that are rich in Omega-3s or taking supplements can also improve hydration since this nutrient helps our bodies retain moisture.

External moisturizers are also needed to keep skin healthy. Some products that you apply directly to the skin can create positive changes beneath the surface. Reviews of Dermaclara Claralips, and similar products that target dry skin, show how ingredients like collagen nourish deep down to help improve the appearance of delicate areas, including the lips.

Eat Whole Foods Instead of Processed Foods

As mentioned above, what you eat is going to have a direct effect on how you look and feel. The body needs certain nutrients to function properly. Without an adequate amount of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to support bodily systems damage will build up bit by bit.

Whole, fresh foods are nutrient-rich and lack all of the unhealthy additives that are found in processed food. They are also easier for the body to break down so there’s less strain. People who want to lose weight should definitely reach for whole foods because they tend to have less fat and calories.

Another reason to switch from processed to whole foods is to reduce sugar and sodium. Almost all American intake more than the recommended amount of sodium every day and sugar is also too high for many people.


Stay Physically Active Every Day

You don’t have to hit the gym and kill yourself doing cardio to stay in shape. In fact, National Geographic’s Blue Zone Project found that people who live to 100 years old don’t tend to do strenuous exercise. However, researchers found that they do have physically active lifestyles.

Even making small changes like taking the stairs instead of taking the elevator can make a big difference. Living a physically active life where you walk regularly and don’t remain sedentary is the key to better health from the inside out. You’ll get your body moving and give it physical challenges, but you aren’t pushing your body too hard.

Get More Sleep

Sleep is when our body resets, restores energy and readies itself for the next day. It’s a critical component of a healthy lifestyle, but many adults don’t get the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep a night.

Researchers have found that during sleep our body clears out toxins, and this is also when cells repair damage that has happened during the day. Our brains are also hard at work clearing out useless information. This helps us retain the important stuff and ensures there’s enough room to learn more. Our brains are also processing the information so that it can make connections and even discover things during sleep.


Practice Relaxation

One reason people can’t get to sleep is feeling stressed during the day. Stress levels have been increasing in recent years to the point that doctors now refer to it as ‘the silent killer’.

Our bodies are designed to handle small bouts of stress just fine. But when stress becomes a chronic, ongoing issue that is when it begins to harm our health. Stress can cause damage at the cellular level, leading to inflammation. It is also linked to high blood pressure and increased risk of heart disease.

Doing yoga has many benefits for the body. It relaxes you while also providing moderate exercise, both of which can help you sleep better at night. Another effective way to reduce stress is to meditate daily. Studies have shown quiet meditation that focuses on deep breathing can lower stress, improve the immune system and boost happiness.


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