Your Guide to Portable Vaporizers

In the past, the single way for anyone to enjoy tobacco or other dry herbs was to light them up and smoke them. However, times have changed since then, and today the world is very much aware of the significant health dangers and risks which are associated with smoking. Thanks to the invention of the device known as a vaporizer, it’s now possible to enjoy your favorite tobacco or other dry herbs without inhaling all of the harmful chemicals and toxins associated with traditional smoking. With so many different types of vaporizers to choose from, it’s not unusual to feel a little overwhelmed when looking for your first kit.


What is a Vaporizer?

In simple terms, a vaporizer is a device which heats herbs or other concentrates such as oil or wax to a high temperature. In doing this, the device then produces a vapor which contains the main active ingredients of the herbs that are being heated. For example, heating tobacco in a vaporizer would produce a vapor which contains nicotine – the ‘addictive’ ingredient in cigarettes that makes it so difficult for smokers to quit. Because of this, personal vaporizer devices have become increasingly popular as a quit smoking aid. A well designed, high-quality vaporizer will heat the materials used – whether herbs, oil or wax – until they are at a temperature high enough to produce vapor, but not actually burn. Learn more about reputable vaporizer companies at

Portable Vaporizers

Those who smoke on the go tend to go for the portable design of vaporizer. Chances are, you’ve probably already seen certain styles of portable vaporizer being used in public, with the ‘pen’ design being one of the most common choices amongst people who use these devices. These portable vaporizers, known as ‘e-cigarettes’, have really brought vaping into the mainstream in the past few years. These types of portable vaporizers tend to run off lithium-ion or alkaline batteries, with most being rechargeable, although some models use disposable batteries instead. Some models of portable vaporizers allow the user to charge them and use them at the same time by simply by plugging them into a power source, whilst others require removal of the battery which is then charged separately.


Why Use a Portable Vaporizer?

You may be wondering if there is any point in using a vaporizer when you can just as easily use a cigarette, bong, or other smoking device to enjoy tobacco or other herbs. The truth is, if you are health conscious or worry about the effects of smoking on your body, switching to a vaporizer is an extremely healthy choice, as it completely eliminates the need to inhale smoke into your lungs, without having to compromise on the smoking experience. Because of this, you will be at a far less risk of a number of health problems including lung cancer and heart disease, and you won’t need to worry about tar and other residue building up in your lungs as you smoke.

Portable vaporizers are becoming a hugely popular, healthier alternative for smoking tobacco and other dry herbs.

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