5 Ways Press On Nails Fit Your Busy Life

Most people want to look stylish and groomed even when leading a busy life where there is little time for indulgent beauty treatments and elaborate skin and nail care regimes. Your nails immediately say a lot about your own sense of style and how well you look after yourself. The ideal situation you need is perfect nails that take very little time to do.

If you’re running your own business or working long hours, if you have an active social life or a busy family, nail care is probably far down on the list of tasks you need to look out for. But you can have great-looking nails – with a little help. And this help comes from a packet of press on nails. Here’s how press on nails are a lifesaver – you’ve got to try them.

1. You Don’t Need to Spend Hours in the Spa

The spa or the nail salon can be an indulgence you treat yourself to one weekend, but you don’t have time to visit every week or every couple of days. Press on nails are easily applied without the need for a nail technician. You don’t need to worry about scheduling appointments around your appointments. You don’t have to spend the time in the salon when you could be doing something more interesting. Press on nails are applied in minutes, at home.

2. You Don’t Need to Perfect Your Home Manicure

If you decide not to go to the salon to save time or money, you may decide to do it yourself at home. But this also takes time. You need the space and the opportunity to focus on your nails and do a good job. If you don’t have a steady hand, you need to practice – which takes time. There’s no need to practice applying a One Step Gel Manicure with press on nails. And you don’t have to spend time tidying up polish spills. 

3. No More Waiting For Nails to Dry

Ever ruined a manicure because you were running late and just had to leave the house? There’s no waiting for your nails to dry before you can get dressed with press on nails. Quickly apply the nails and you’re ready to go. 

4. No More Reapplications

There’s nothing more frustrating and time consuming than having to touch up your nails during the day because you got a paint chip and they now look really bad. Press on nails last for days – even weeks. You’ll have perfect nails for longer, which is a great timesaving benefit for time-pressed women.

5. Apply Your Nails on the Move

Considering that you are not actually driving, you can apply press on nails during your commute whether that is in the passenger seat, on the train, or on the subway. It really is that easy.

Image: Image courtesy of marcolm/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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