Best Exercises for Slimming Down

Weight loss – now, here’s a topic that has been debated and over-debated. From odd diets to crash diets and life regimens that are anything but healthy, we’ve seen them all. Weight loss pills, weight loss shakes, weight loss equipment – there are oh-so-many things that have been created for the purpose of aiding people who lose weight that it can be actually confusing to choose the right ones.

And yet, with all the discussions we’ve been bearing, one thing always stays the same: you cannot lose weight without eating a balanced diet and without working out. That’s the one golden rule of weight loss that’s true regardless of whether you are a man or a woman.

What are the best exercises for slimming down? We have gathered some suggestions right below – so read on if you want to find out more.


As a cardio exercise, cycling can be extremely healthy for your entire body. It can pump up your heart and it can make everything work better – including your digestion and how calories are burnt in your body. Easy and cheap, cycling is a great exercise for your entire body, as it will tone up your legs and thighs, it will strengthen your tooshy and it will also flatten up your abs. Bike for 30 minutes every day at a relatively high speed and you’ll see results in almost no time.


It may seem very easy to dance – especially when you see it done by the pros. But the truth is that this exercise can eat up a lot of calories and effort – which is actually great if you plan on losing weight. Regardless of whether you choose modern dances or something more classical, such as tango or salsa, you will definitely burn calories and tone up practicing it – so book your dance lessons and have fun while losing weight!

Strength training

There is a common myth that says that strength training is not meant to help people lose weight – but rather to help them build muscles. In some ways, it may be true. But in most of the cases, it is not.

The secret to losing weight while doing strength training is having as many repetitions as possible. As long as it makes you sweat and as long as it makes your heart pump, this type of exercising will help you burn calories and pounds too.

And here’s an extra tip: strength training is great when alternated with cardio exercises. So make sure to build work out routines that alternate weight lifting and cardio exercises (such as jump ropes, jumping jacks or running) and you will definitely reap a lot of benefits!

These are just three of the exercises that can help you slim down – but there are many others. The most important thing is to move and raise your heart rate to acceptable norms – and there are many exercises which do that for you. Have fun, stick to your routines and you’ll start seeing results sooner than you may even think!

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