Tips for Keeping Safe While Traveling Alone

Traveling can be scary even if you don’t do it alone – precisely because you will adventure yourself into unknown places, among unknown people. However, the advantages of traveling can definitely beat the jitters – and those of you who have already been through this can confirm that traveling can change every single particle of your being.

Even so, it is still important that you keep safe – especially when traveling alone. Regardless of where in the world you choose to travel, there will always be risks and people whose intentions may not be as good as yours are. So staying safe is absolutely crucial for everyone traveling.

How do you do it? How do you prioritize your safety when traveling alone? We have gathered some tips – so read on if you want to find out more.

Do a proper research

Before visiting a destination, make sure you do a proper research and find out everything you need to know about that place. Learn about the culture there, what you shouldn’t do, how people are and what are the best and worst neighbourhoods in the city. Learn about the best accommodations, read reviews and, if possible, talk to other people who have visited the same location and know how to advise you towards the best and safest accommodation and transportation options.

Don’t be obvious

Wearing a big I Heart New York T-shirt will instantly make you appear like a tourist – and so will wearing anything that doesn’t look “local” in any way. Of course, there’s nothing wrong about wearing whatever you want – but keep in mind that this can make you a very easy target for all sorts of pickpockets and scammers. The more you look like a tourist, the safer they will feel to approach you – so try to dress as “local” as possible without looking too obvious.

Don’t carry cash

Carrying cash with you also makes you an easy target for pickpockets. Ideally, you should have enough cash with you to get you through the day and nothing more. However, if you feel that withdrawal fees are too high and if you feel that withdrawing more money from the ATM (or having them wired to you) is better for your finances, do make sure you don’t carry them around. Take what you need and place it in a safe pocket of your jeans, handbag or backpack – and leave the rest at home, in a very safe place too.

Stay in touch

Always update your friends and family back home on where you are and where you plan on going. You will help them feel better about you being away and you will also make sure that they notice very quickly if you haven’t updated them.

Keep your eyes wide open

Talking to strangers is not a good idea. At the same time though, meeting new people and making friends is one of the best parts about traveling. Our advice is this: keep your eyes wide open and stay away from people who seem “fishy” in any way.

Follow your gut instinct and never give away information that is very personal (e.g. your home address, your phone number, and so on). Allow yourself to be open to meeting new people, but always do it in a very smart way and make sure you turn your back on anyone who wants to trick you.

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