Don’t Cry Over Spilt Milk- Drink More of It! The Benefits Of Calcium on Our Bodies

We were all told to drink plenty of milk as children so we’d grow up ‘big and strong’. While it might not be directly linked to size or strength, the calcium it contains is vital for many processes in the body. Every day our body loses calcium through the skin and nails through sweat and urine and bowel movements, and our bodies aren’t able to produce more of it. Therefore it’s crucial to get enough of it through our diet. Here’s some important information on calcium, and why you should be hitting your target for it each day.


Good Sources of Calcium

While milk is the most obvious source of calcium and (probably the first thing you think of when you want to up your intake), there are a lot of other sources too. This is useful since many adults are lactose intolerant, particularly in certain places in the world. Yogurt is an excellent source and is much easier to digest and absorb than milk. Leafy green vegetables such as cabbage and spinach, nuts, certain fish such as sardines and pilchards and tofu are all good sources. These kinds of healthy foods will benefit your body in many ways, but getting enough calcium is just one benefit. You can use an app like My Fitness Pal to check if you’re getting enough calcium in the day if you’re not then you could add a supplement like AlgaeCal to your diet. You could read through AlgaeCal reviews to help you make your mind up.

Teeth and Bones

We all know that calcium is essential for strong teeth and bones. Without enough calcium, or body will draw it from the bones so it’s able to function which can result in bone density loss. This can lead to osteoporosis and brittle bones, a dangerous issue which mainly affects older people. A small fall or injury can be a huge disaster if your bones snap easily. You build up your bone strength right from childhood, eating the right foods and exercising enough throughout your life will benefit you when you’re older.

Blood, Nerves, and Muscles

Research has shown that calcium may be the key to preventing high blood pressure, or even lowering it if it’s already heightened. Calcium also helps the blood to clot, without this function it would be easy to bleed to death even with a relatively minor injury. The nervous system is the way the body sends messages from the brain all over the body. Calcium is crucial to the efficient running of the nervous system, it’s main function being cell signaling. In the cells of the muscles, nerve endings release calcium ions. These then bind to proteins known as ‘activator proteins’ which initiate the process of muscle contraction allowing your muscles to move. Simply put, without calcium you would not be able to move since your muscles wouldn’t be able to contract and relax.


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