Little Changes That’ll Make a Big Difference In Your Life

As women, we have a lot to deal with. There are our careers, our families, and our health. It can all get a bit hectic, and it can be hard to fit everything into our lives. But what if there were some little changes to our health that would reap big results? Well, there are, check out my tips below.



Just 10-15 minutes of meditation today can help you focus and calm your mind. Meditation practice has many benefits, including the reduction of anxiety and depression symptoms. If you would like to try this, there are lots of meditations that you can follow along with on Youtube and Spotify.

Take the stairs

Its old advice but it works, take the stairs instead of the elevator. Get off the bus a stop early. A small increase in exercise can make a huge difference to our health. We don’t have to take up a new sport or start running marathons; small measured steps can help us to improve and get fitter.

Wear a fitness band

Another small change that can benefit you is to wear a fitness tracker. If you are monitoring and being reminded of your physical activity, you are much more likely to increase your movement. It’s also really encouraging when you log the progress you are making just small changes in your life.


Bladder leakage is It’s an unfortunate but common issue among women. It can be a residual from bearing children or from innate muscle weakness. A small change in the areas of your life can reap big rewards. You can improve this condition by doing 10 -15 minutes of Kegels with a pelvic floor exerciser daily.

Eat Good Fats

As clean eating is becoming more popular, we are beginning to realize finally, the benefits of eating good fats. For too long women have seen fat as the enemy and have avoided anything with more than a low-fat content for most of the time. Switching to eating healthy fats like oily fish, seeds, and avocados can help us feel more full. It also helps to break down the bad fats in our systems and keep our joints works. It’s a small change but gets a bit more good fat into your diet today, and you will notice a difference.

Drink water

It’s really basic, but you’d be surprised how many women neglect to drink the right amount of water. Being dehydrated can make you feel hungry, tired and even interfere with your thinking. Make sure you get at least 2L of water a day. Also, increase your intake of carrots and cucumbers as they help to hydrate you and are full of health vitamins and nutrients.


While hormones are vital to both men and women’s body function, they work differently in each sex. For women, hormones can be an issue at any time of their lives. If you are concerned about your menstrual cycle or the menopause, speak to your doctors about the option available. This small change could have a huge effect on everything from your mood to your weight.


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