Different Ways You Can Send your Packages and Parcels to Europe

Whilst outside of Europe sending packages and parcels back can be tricky. But, whether you’re a business wanting to send deliveries back to Europe, or travelling overseas and wanting to send cards and presents back to friends and family, there are a number of different ways of sending packages and parcels back to Europe.

Each method can save you time and money or guarantee you a speedier delivery, depending on your situation. Here are a few of the different ways you can send your packages and parcels back to Europe:



Sending packages and parcels by surface mail over the sea is a very cheap way of posting to Europe but it can take a very long time. Depending on how urgently you want a package to arrive, this may not be the best method. A parcel that arrives by boat can sometimes take weeks to arrive and sometimes months, so it’s not the best option to go for if you’re wanting to send a birthday card or present.


The most common way delivery companies ship your order is usually by plane as it’s the quickest. As a result, this is usually the most expensive way to send parcels but works best for when you need to make sure deliveries get to Europe on time. Most delivery companies offer a variety of different options, from next day delivery to deliveries by a certain specified time, if your order is more urgent.



Shipping by train is usually reserved for really heavy items and is a much greener, more environmentally friendly way to ship goods. It’s especially useful for items used for construction and much cheaper than shipping by plane, so provides a cost effective shipping solution.

Tracking and insurance

Depending on the type of item you’re sending, there are different tracking and insurance costs. It’s well worth paying the extra to send your parcel tracked if it’s something important to ensure that it doesn’t go missing along the way. With TNT, you can be sure that your parcel will arrive in Europe safely, in great condition and on time thanks to their knowledge and expertise.

There are many different ways you can send your deliveries to Europe, depending on the amount you’re willing to spend and the amount of time you have for your goods to get there is the deciding factor. Remember to always package your parcel well to protect it,

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