It’s Never Too Early To Start Getting Beach Body Ready!

There are probably not that many people out there worried about getting beach ready right now. Unless of course, they are planning to spend this Christmas in Hawaii. In which case, they might have been on a diet since July. But the truth is if you want to get in shape for next summer it’s never too early to start. First, let’s be honest, over the holiday season we’re all going to eat a lot more than we should. We’re going to stuff our faces with turkey, all the trimmings, mince pies and chocolate logs. We stop thinking about the numbers on the scales and start wondering how many glasses of eggnog we can drink before we hurl. The answer, by the way, is one, eggnog is disgusting. But you see my point? Weight worries and fitness fears are put to the back of our mind. There they stay, lying dormant until two weeks before our planned beach vacation. Remember what you said about getting ready for summer? Too late now. Get ready to feel awkward on the beach and start wondering whether people are looking at you in your summer gear for all the wrong reasons. So, now that I’ve scared you enough to start thinking about fitness, what are the right steps to take?


Set Up A Plan

The best idea is to make sure that you have a routine you can follow. With this routine, you’ll be able to make sure that you stick to completing your goal. You might even want to pin this on your wall like the study guide that you used to have in uni. Just make sure you don’t make that old study mistakes. Remember, where you spend fifteen hours making the plan look pretty and five minutes on the work? Don’t do that, focus on your goal.

If you’re struggling to formulate an exercise plan, you may want to use one that’s already been set up and is ready to go. If you have a look at something like Bikini Body Guide Review, you’ll find some opinions on one of the most popular exercise plans for women on the market. But there are quite a few to choose from. So, you shouldn’t just jump to the first plan you hear by name. Look at a selection and make sure you choose a plan that is right for you.

Remember, that different exercises will have various effects on your body. You do need to try and avoid any mistakes when exercising as well. For instance, you might be completing sit-ups to get your stomach in a nice shape. If you want to get the weight off the stomach, you should be completing full situps.Start lying down with your legs bent and push your body up until you touch your knees. Do not anchor your feet with anything as you’ll find you can use your legs to pull yourself up. If you are trying to tone your stomach, crunches are better. Push yourself to the point where the exercise hurts and hold it for a few seconds before dropping back down.


Use Antioxidants To Help  Your Body

You might think about using antioxidants to help you lose weight. Unfortunately, there’s a brutal truth here. There’s absolutely no evidence to suggest that antioxidants will have any impact on weight or weight loss. Bad news right? Well not quite because the foods that are high in antioxidants do actually help you lose weight. This might be one of those instances where the research is wrong. Foods such as tomatoes, celery and cucumber are all full of antioxidants. All coincidentally, according to science also help you lose weight. So, maybe the lesson here is not to fill your diet with antioxidants. Instead, you should be filling your diet with the right foods in general. There’s some obvious advice here. You do need to stay away from the junk food and fatty food groups that are just plain bad for you. There’s the argument that anything in a small amount is okay. It’s fine to treat yourself once in awhile, and healthy diet plans actually have off days.

However, this is the gateway to yo-yo dieting. Yo-yo dieting may sound like a fun concept, but it isn’t. Essentially, you condition the physicality of your body. So, you’ll put the weight off by eating healthily. Then, you’ll treat yourself, let’s say by pigging out on Christmas Day. But on boxing day you feel guilty and only have a little meal. Eventually, your body thinks this is the natural routine. So, even if you do take the weight off and keep eating healthily, you won’t be able to get any further. You’ll be stuck at a weight that you’re probably unhappy with until you can break the conditioning. As Pavlov’s dogs will tell you, conditioning isn’t something easily broken.


Join A Gym

There are a few benefits to joining a gym. The first is that money is actually going to be dripping out your account each month. You’re probably not going to want that cash to count for nothing. Thus you will go, and you’ll hopefully exercise. This probably won’t happen if you try to work out from home. There’s no real reason for you to get up and lift those weights, is there? There are more advantages than the financial loss to joining a gym, though. You’ll be surrounded by people in the same situation as you. This can help form a group mentality where everyone is watching out for everyone else. There are people who don’t feel comfortable going to the gym. Perhaps because they are not at the same standard of fitness as other people there. Understandable but you should never let anyone put you down for trying to better yourself. These individuals are the lowest of the low and should be ignored like roaches until they scurry back into the shadows.

I hope you see now why it’s never too early to start thinking about the beach. Do you want to be toned, fit and firm? Then start getting ready now, and you won’t be disappointed by the way you look on your 2017 holiday.


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