The Real Benefits of Ultrasound Scans You Should Know about

There are plenty of diagnostic imaging methods in place nowadays, such as PET scans, CT scans, and MRI scans, but ultrasound scans have earned their place in the medical world as well. An ultrasound scan is basically a procedure used to view the internal organs of a person, and it is also used to assess the flow of blood through the body. Many people associate ultrasounds with pregnant women, but this is not its only purpose. In fact, you may be prescribed an ultrasound in order to determine and diagnose a specific condition. Here are the real benefits of ultrasound scans you should know about.


What is it and how does it work?

An ultrasound procedure makes use of an ultrasound scanner which also consists of a display screen, a transducer probe, and a computer. The probe is used for the actual scanning of the body, and this gadget will be held by the technician and then placed on the surface of the area which needs scanning. The area itself will be treated with a special lubricant or gel. The transducer can transmit the body’s sound waves, which are then reproduced as echoes. The echoes ‘come back’ to the transducer, and this, in turn, can transmit the echoes back to the computer, which will show them as images in real time.

The transducer, when pressed on the patient’s skin, will begin directing a series or stream of high frequency, muted sound waves to the patient’s body. These sound waves will echo from the person’s bodily tissues, organs, and fluids, and are then received by the transducer. The transducer will make a record of the small changes in the direction and pitch of the sound. The echoes will be measured instantly and then displayed and showed on the computer.

Ultrasound scanning benefits

Private ultrasound scan specialists in London such as Alliance Medical confirm that ultrasound scanning provides great benefits. Ultrasound scans can serve as a guide for procedures which are minimally invasive, and they are widely used in the field of obstetrics. The images produced by ultrasound scanners are also used to examine a person’s body to determine if there are any problems with tendons, muscles, joints, soft tissue, and ligaments. An ultrasound image can show function, anatomy, and movement, and this allows a radiologist to assess a number of conditions as well as damage during an illness or injury.

Ultrasound scans can also be a good way of examining the internal organs of the body, which includes the liver, heart, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen, bladder, and kidneys. A good ultrasound scan will additionally help determine the source of swelling, infection or pain. One other great aspect about ultrasound scans is that since they show images in real time, the movement of internal organs and tissues can be easily seen and observed.

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