Redecorating your home on a shoestring budget

You feel like it’s time for a change. You’re ready to transform your space… but your budget is limited. Is it worth the effort and cost to freshen things up?

Your living space can not only reflect but have a significant impact on your health, emotional state and general sense of wellbeing. Psychology Today writes on the importance of seeking out and cultivating healthy spaces that are uniquely suited to who you are as a person. While a major geographic relocation may not be in your future, you do have control over your immediate living space – especially with our low-cost redecorating tips.

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Add some colour – or subtract it

While there’s absolutely a science of colour, the more important thing is to find a way to have your space reflect your best self, whether that’s chaotically creative or soothing minimalist. But don’t despair if a full interior repainting is out of the question. A feature wall is a great way to add the advantages of a shade you find invigorating, soothing or otherwise appealing.

If your rental doesn’t allow repainting, another great option is wall clings, which can bring colour, texture, graphics or full, photo-realistic vistas to your living-room, with the advantage of easy application and removal when it’s time to move on or your tastes shift.

Need something smaller and more budget-conscious? Punch up the colour and texture of a room, or alternatively, soothe it with matching neutrals in textiles, such as cushions and throw blankets, table runners or placemats and small rugs. Choosing a limited palette and repeating it throughout spaces can tie them together, creating an appealing sense of unified space when you’re not in the position to be pulling down or relocating walls.

Natural light

Natural light contributes to your overall health and energy levels – but your lifestyle may not support rising with the sun. The right set of window treatments can give you the control you need to allow in the right amount of light at the right time of day.

With options for many different budgets, try looking into window shutters as a solution to beautify your space, enhance your style and colour scheme, and support a healthy, managed lifestyle. Cafe-style shutters are great for directing light and livening up living spaces, while full-height plantation shutters allow more complete control.

Supplementary light

Whether you’re more of a night owl by nature, or just in a living space with limited access to natural light, the right artificial light sources will improve your day-to-day experience. Strategic mood lighting and fun lamps add flair to a room, but clear, bright lights are essential for working spaces, such as the kitchen, office and bathroom. Consider ‘blue’ or UV lamps if your space is severely limited in artificial light.

Go eco

With a little creativity and persistence, you can achieve wonders using your local thrift or charity shop – and it’s good for the planet. For a fraction of the regular cost, you can pick up furniture, textiles and more for a completely unique, 100% recycled redecoration. In many urban areas, a secondary market exists, supported by online classifieds-style marketplaces, such as Craigslist, Kijiji and Gumtree, where you can pick up lightly-used and refurbished home furnishings and décor for bargain prices or free.

Re-envision your assets

Still stretching your budget? Sometimes all it takes to feel better in your space is a little imagination and elbow grease. Roll up the sleeves, do a thorough spring cleaning, and then take a step back. Is there furniture that can be moved around? Décor that needs to be retired or shuffled? Clutter that can be carted off or donated? (If you end up throwing out a lot of clutter, it may be worth hiring a skip). A thorough cleaning and a tweaked furniture layout can do wonders when it comes to making a space feel fresh and inviting – but keep in mind, the important thing is that your space supports and reflects your needs. Modern minimalism is not for everyone, and neither is bohemian excess, nor are tightly coordinated designer looks. Don’t feel pressure to strip things down to hard-edged simplicity, or over-decorate if that’s not you. A good approach can be small, incremental changes if you’re not sure what style will suit you best.

Take a good look around your space and assess what you’d like to change. Chances are there’s a budget-friendly solution on this list that can help you achieve a fresh space that provides a healthier, more pleasant living experience for you, with just a few simple changes.

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