How to Start and Stick with an Exercise Routine

You can’t avoid the message that exercise is essential to good health, as it’s information that’s constantly being talked and written about in every form of media. The problem with exercising is finding the motivation to get started and stick to a sensible routine. Time is one of the most cited barriers of regular exercise, but if you can find motivation, you’ll be able to rearrange your days to fit in some exercise. If you find you frequently promise yourself you’ll start exercising and then fail to go through with your plans, or you begin a new regime with high hopes only to lose interest after a few weeks, then you need to find a way to crack the motivation problem and get into a routine that works for you.


Choosing your exercise program

There’s no shortage of options when it comes to different types of exercise, and there are alternatives to regular sports and activities to suit people with physical problems of all kinds. You should select your exercise choice with care, and make sure it’s an activity that you enjoy doing rather than opting for a class at the gym just because it promises to give you a flat belly in three months. Have a look at all the options available in your area, and think about whether you’re more likely to keep going to a class because of the guided routine and professional support that come with it, or less likely because you prefer being on your own. Don’t make the mistake of choosing an activity based on what it may do for you; you should choose based on what you will most enjoy doing.

Preparing yourself for your new routine

If you want to get the best from your exercise routine, you should prepare properly rather than just plunging straight in. For example, wearing the right clothes can make or break an exercise routine. Wearing tight denim or leggings with no seat padding when you take up cycling will make the experience highly uncomfortable and far harder work than it need have been. In contrast, wearing cycling shorts will give you the comfort and cushioning you need to stay comfy and enjoy getting back in the saddle. Get yourself some good quality activewear from a store such as SECONDTONAKED, as comfortable and stylish clothes will make you look and feel better about yourself and what you’re planning to do.

Find your inner motivation

Honing in on what will make you determined to succeed is the key to most activities in life, but it’s not always the logical arguments that give you the impetus to make lasting changes. For instance, knowing that being overweight is seriously bad news for your health sounds like it should be enough to motivate you into losing weight. However, many people find it easier to push those facts away, but then find motivation in something their child says.

Once you’ve started your exercise regime and got into the swing of it, you’ll soon start to appreciate the benefits of physical activity and enjoy your workouts, so give yourself a fighting chance and find the exercise routine that gets you started and then keeps you going.

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