7 Art Deco Hotels in Miami You Must Visit

Going to Miami is not all about spending your days on the beach and nights at the club. The art and culture of Miami is something to immerse yourself in. Miami stands apart from the rest of Florida due to the wonderfully decadent Art Deco culture. Miami helicopter charter tours of the city can help you get a bird’s eye view of the Art Deco region. The Art Deco district looks absolutely beautiful from up above. If you don’t want to book an expensive Miami helicopter charter tour you can always soak in more of the culture by visiting some of the hotels in the region or by booking a stay there.

The Delano Hotel

Located at south beach, the Delano is the perfect beach property which sticks to its Art Deco roots. The building was utilized for military housing and was the tallest building in Miami for a long time. The winged façade of the building makes it a wonderful sight to see from Miami helicopter charter tours. A long pool lined with beautifully decadent cabanas are perfect for start spotting in Miami.


The Shelborne Hotel

Driving up to The Shelborne Hotel can give you a glimpse of what Art Deco embodies. Bold white and beautiful defines the external architecture of the hotel. Palm tree framed pools and pristine white cabanas are perfect for a day of luxury. Interiors of the hotel is a perfect mix of Art Deco architecture and modern architecture.

The Cadet Hotel

At a point of time in the past, the Cadet was used to house a squadron of the Air Force. Today you can enjoy much of the unchanged interiors of the hotel. An elegant chandelier and a beautiful grand piano adorn the hotel. Unlike the other Art Deco hotels that have started shifting towards modern architecture, the Cadet has stuck to its roots.

The Savoy Hotel

With a place in the National Register of Historic Places, the Savoy hotel remains one of Miami’s most popular hotels. The lagoon pools and greenery stand starkly against the picturesque white background of the hotel. There are very few rooms at the Savoy which ensures the hotel remains quiet and peaceful for patrons to enjoy.

The Beacon Hotel

Situated on the Ocean Drive, the Beacon is the most photographed iconic hotel of Miami. The neon lights against the pure white façade of the hotel is a picturesque sight. While embracing modern hotel renovations, the Beacon has remained small-scale enough to maintain their quaint feel.

The Leslie Hotel

From your Miami helicopter charter, you are sure to notice the starkly yellow hotel. At the center of the Art Deco district, the cute yellow hotel sits picture perfect. The small 35 roomed hotel has a café that you can visit if you do not get to book a room at the hotel.

The Ocean Surf Blue

Just like the Leslie, the Ocean Surf Blue is a magnificently colorful hotel. Blue, yellow and pink pastel building has adorable porthole windows. While the appliances in the room might seem a little dated, the interior has changed very little. The location and the well-preserved architecture make the hotel a must visit destination.

Even if you do not spend your vacation at any of these hotels, visiting their cafes and restaurants can help you get a taste of the Art Deco culture.

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