Survival Kit For Expecting Women

If you are a first-time mom and you will be giving birth any time soon, I bet you are already prepared for everything, even your baby’s nursery room, and other essential things.

But what if in the middle of your waiting time, unexpected things happen such as calamity or natural disaster? Do you know what to do? Are you prepared enough for your and your baby’s needs and safety during those situations?

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Emergency situations can be very alarming and stressful, especially if you are pregnant. It is better to be prepared than sorry when facing emergency situations especially if your baby’s life will be at risk. 

Pregnant Woman’s Survival Kit

It may be emotionally and physically draining to prepare all these survival kits that you will be needing in case of emergency but your and your baby’s safety should be your top priority.

Your household’s survival kit should be prepared as of this moment, you will just add these items or you can separate them in another container for easier identification. If you still don’t have your survival kit ready, you can purchase one from this survival kits store

  • Supply of Food and Water

Foods and water are essential during emergency situations, even if you are not pregnant at all. But for pregnant women, who most often than not are sensitive when it comes to the food they want and need to eat, preparing for disaster is quite difficult. 

Aside from the emergency foods that were prepared beforehand, extra crackers, milk, chocolates as their comfort food, gums to prevent them from vomiting and a lot of water are what expecting mom always needs. They needed to stay hydrated. 

  • Health Supplies and First Aid Kit

Aside from the first-aid kit that is needed when an emergency strikes, expecting women should always have the following items in their survival kit: prescription medicines, hand sanitizer, belly band, pre-natal vitamins, heating pads, surgical masks, tums or antacids, and insect repellent. 

  • Emergency Tools

Flashlights, a pack of extra batteries, an extra cellphone, and solar chargers were a few of the things that pregnant women needs. A rechargeable hand-held fan is also helpful if the weather is a bit warm. Or extra clothes and blankets if the weather is cold.

  • Important Documents

Your medical records are one of the important things that you should always have available, so be sure to secure a copy of them in your emergency kit. You should also have a copy of your insurance documents. 

  • Pregnancy Must-Have

Lip balms are a must-have for expecting women to prevent chappy lips. You can also carry a book with you to ease boredom and for relaxation. An earplug will also help to have a good and sound sleep in case of noisy surroundings. Pen and paper if you needed to take down important notes. 

  • Baby Supplies

In case during the evacuation, unexpectedly you gave birth, you should always have your baby supplies with you. Baby clothes, diapers, baby wipes, and at some point baby carrier if available were the most important things that your newborn might be needing. 

  • Important Contact Details

Make sure that your doctor’s contact details are always ready and available when you need them. You should know where to go and whom to call in case your ob gyne is out of reach and you needed urgent consultation. 

Aside from preparing your survival kit, you should also have an emergency plan and discuss it well with your immediate family members. If evacuation is needed, inform the rescue team immediately that you are pregnant. 

As soon as it is already safe to go outside, visit your doctor immediately. It is a must that you and your baby will be checked as soon as possible after a stressful situatio

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