Best Places to Raft in Colorado

Colorado is well known as one of the best places for rafting in the USA due to its striking landscapes, and rivers that offer thrilling rapids. Perhaps the most famous river for rafting in Colorado is the Arkansas River, but there are so many more options you’re basically spoiled for choice. I would suggest choosing a river based on your experience level – you want something that’s going to challenge you, but isn’t dangerous for your skillset. Depending on whether this is your first time rafting, or you’re a seasoned expert, there are a few stand out options in Colorado that you may want to consider. Here are the best places to raft in Colorado:

1. Arkansas River
This is the most rafted river in all of Colorado, and for good reason too. The most popular section on the river, is probably the Royal Gorge. This is an advanced section of the river, that sends you through a narrow canyon, before passing under the famous suspension bridge. If you’re new to white water rafting Colorado, don’t fret, there are a number of sections along this river that will suit an skill level, making it a great choice for families too.

2. Yampa River
This is a great option for families with younger children, or older family members who maybe don’t have the physical strength or size to tackle some of the more challenging rivers. Yampa River is known for more relaxing trips, such as multi day floats. If you’re want to visit Yampa River and want something a little more adventurous, try to plan your trip in May, June or July as that’s when the rapids will be their strongest.

3. Colorado River
This river flows through the state of Colorado and then onto Utah and beyond. This River offers a diverse range of areas for you to seek out depending on your skill level. If you’re looking for some thrill, then head to Gore Canyon, which is considered done of the most challenging whitewaters in Colorado. Only consider this section of the river if you’re experienced and have access to knowledgable guides who can help you navigate this safely.

4. Cache La Poudre River
Located just west of Fort Collins, Cache La Poudre River offers a less crowded whitewater rafting experience. Poudre Canyon is a very scenic part of the river, and is considered to be a treasure by locals. Here you’ll see numerous trees jetting out of interesting rock formations, ensuring for a stunning view while you race down the river. If you can manage to do a raft in the early fall, you’ll be treated to a rainbow of colors here.

There are so many great places to raft in Colorado, it can be hard to choose. Hopefully these suggestions give you some inspiration based on your interests and ability. Be sure to inquire in advance for rafting tours, so you can be sure to get a spot on your desired trip.

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