4 Easy Ways to Add Colour to your Garden this Summer

There’s something about summer that just makes everything better. Our spirits lift, and everything suddenly seems possible. Summer seems to make even the most difficult of days more bearable. So, with that in mind, why not introduce some colour into your garden or outdoor space to reflect how good summer makes you feel?

A garden full of colour is the perfect backdrop to any garden party, or an ideal setting for your garden sanctuary of calm. No matter what your budget or personal taste might be, a pop of colour in your garden will bring any landscape to life. So, here you’ll find a few helpful tips of how you can brighten up your outdoor space.

Trees & Plants

Yes, it might seem obvious but there’s nothing wrong with getting a little inspiration from mother nature. Think colourful boarders filled with perennials or towering yellow sunflowers that will give the sun a run for its money! Or beautiful flowering trees that will draw your eyeline. You can find a range of ideal trees here. Remember, just because you’re adding colour doesn’t mean you always have to opt for bright and bold colours. Dusky pinks and even subtle greys can have a powerful impact.


Remember that colours can influence your mood, so if you’re planning on your garden being a hive of activity then bright yellows, oranges and reds would be ideal. Cooler tones like blues, lilacs and pale pinks have a more calming feel making them preferable if you want your garden to be a tranquil setting for meditation, reading and relaxation.

Your garden furniture

The focal point of many gardens or outdoor areas is the garden furniture. Having bright and exciting garden furniture makes a great talking point too! If you’re unsure of what colours to go for, look inside your home for some inspiration. A bright orange garden table set might look a bit odd in a traditional cottage garden, so try to bring a little of what you have inside, to your outdoor space.

If buying new furniture is a little out of your budget then you could simply upcycle the set your currently have or decorate with colourful cushions and throws. Don’t forget to bring them in at the end of the day!

Going potty

When it comes to colour, the trick is not to be afraid. Brightly coloured plant pots are a simple but effective way of introducing colour. Think of the impact they will have on either side of your front door. Or lined along the far side of your garden wall, or the edge of your patio. This is also ideal if you’re working with a more restricted space such as a balcony.

Light it up

Garden lighting is important for all those impromptu BBQ’s and gettogethers, so why not incorporate some colour while you’re at it? Glowing lanterns and colourful candles will easily make a statement as will a striking tea light holder. Cluster them together or line them along pathways in your garden to create a real summer atmosphere.

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