OneLogin, The New Service Bringing Business To The Digital Age

Technology is a continually changing process—on an even daily basis what used to be proclaimed as the innovative can easily be viewed as obsolete. In comparison, this speed of conformity makes previously heralded applications look ancient, bringing up the all-encompassing dilemma: in a world that is so rapidly changing, how do we change with it?

Bringing this attitude to the realm of business can make matters even more complicated. For any business that was started before or during the technological boom of the early 2000s, adjusting both your resources and your customer experience to the constantly shifting new forms of technology can seem nearly impossible.

That being said, there are platforms being designed to help facilitate this change. Among them is OneLogin, a service built to help bring businesses truly into the 21st century.

In helping facilitate change, OneLogin also aims to address other issues, such as:


Third-party access becoming adapted with the company

As the companies change and more jobs are designated to be either outsourced or done remotely, the way in which these services interact is important. To make sure this transition is smoothly, it’s important to integrate the third party process as well.

Putting security and usability side-by-side

Melding these two so they seem less like a juxtaposition and more like a pair, OneLogin helps make it possible to make your business just as easy as it is secure.

Cyber Attacks can be harmful to a business

Cyber attacks can affect businesses in many different ways. The most important factor, though, is undoubtedly the trust that harms between the consumer and the corporation. If they can’t trust that their information will be safe, then customers may feel wary of giving their information to the corporation in the first place, greatly hindering the business model. On top of this, it’s also an incredibly strenuous process with regards to resources, as financial compensation, legal action, and fixing bugs in the security of your business can drag down profitability.

Keeping the status quo can be financially difficult

As technology has become more advanced, many businesses have opted to keep things as they have been in an effort to maintain the status quo. This can be harmful as well due to the ever-changing consumer market that controls the devices with which people will be using your service. For example, if your site isn’t compatible with smart phones, the large share of the market (and perhaps your employees) that primarily uses those devices to view websites will not be able to access your site.

OneLogin may not solve all of your problems, but it certainly gives you solutions for most of them. It helps you streamline the process between both integrating your data into newer formats while retaining secure ways to store the data while also allowing you to use single sign on for many different applications.

The more time I spend with OneLogin, the clearer it becomes that my daily workload is much easier. Don’t just take my word for it, though—I recommend you claim your free demo and see if OneLogin is right for you.

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