4 Great ways for a backyard to serve some purpose

You are probably looking at this title and thinking to yourself “But my backyard already has a purpose!”

Truth be told, majority of homeowners use their backyards in this or that way. In most case, we focus on fun activities such as setting up a table or constructing a pool. Only a handful of people see backyard in terms of its functionality. In other words, backyard can be utilized as a small power plant.

With such an amazing technological progress and general improvement of knowledge in last couple of decades, we are able to completely turn this space around and use it functionality.

Here are 4 ideas that can help you out with that.

  1. Collecting solar energy

Solar panels are really cheap nowadays. I have seen households that have numerous panels in their backyard constantly generating energy. This is a positive improvement for both homeowners and governments alike as it saves money and allows homeowners to be completely independent.

Solar collectors are especially great for properties with big agricultural surface. This makes everything much cheaper and sustainable.

Some people will put panels on the roof. This makes sense as it allows you to maximize the collection during the day. However, if you need much more energy, it will be necessary to position several of them in your backyard as well.


  1. Water tanks and barrels

There is no real reason for you to pay for water when you can easily harvest it yourself.

Water barrels are not a new concept. They’ve been around for a while allowing people to collect all this spare water that falls on your house during a rainy day. This water is later on utilized for various jobs around the house.

Water tank is a modern, sophisticated variation of a barrel. They also collect rainwater but all similarities end there. While water in barrels can only be used by going to a barrel and taking it out personally, tanks have a system of water tank pump that send water through pipes to home. This water can then be used for drinking and washing yourself.

  1. Creating a vegetable garden

Just 10 years ago it would be unimaginable to have a vegetable garden within an urban backyard. However, due to shaky economy and major loss of jobs, more and more homeowners are deciding to make this move. With a vegetable garden, you are able to feed your family for a low price.

Besides the fact that this is an economic solution, it is also a healthy one. Instead of buying food that is heavily processed, you can go and grow it yourself. Great benefit of homegrown food is that you always know what you’re eating.

  1. Creating your own compost

If you already have your own vegetable or flower garden, it would be wise to focus on compost.

Simple truth is that fertilizers are pretty overpriced. In fact, there is no reason to buy them.

You can get everything you need for your garden by simply letting biological matter dissolve. Dedicate a part of your backyard for creating compost. Make sure to dispose all your biological waste there and let it be for a while. When it dissolves, you will get amazing compost for your plants without spending a buck.


There is so much that you can accomplish within your backyard. You can use this space as an autonomous area that will produce energy and food for you whole family. Furthermore, most of these processes are automated so you won’t have to hassle too much.

All you have to do is set them up and reap the rewards.

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