Smart ways to make extra money this year

Most people could use a little more money to pay off debt, pad their savings account, or simply have a more active social life.

Here are some smart ways to make extra money this year:

Open another bank account

It often makes smart financial sense to open another bank account anyway, since this can be a great way to keep that money “hands off” so you can save it. But did you know that some banks will offer you free cash just to sign up? I’m talking up to $500 just to open a bank account- that’s free money right there and you can even open up some bank accounts online, saving the time you would spend in the branch.

Sell your stuff

If you’re like most people you probably have shelves and closets that are stuffed with things you never use (or look at). There are a number of sites that you can use to sell this old stuff, so consider jumping on eBay, Craigslist, or Letgo, to make some serious cash off that old junk you forgot you had.

Use your skills

We all have skills that we’ve already developed, and we’re often using them every day at our full time jobs. So why not use those skills to earn a little cash on the side? While it’s illegal to poach your current company’s clients, there’s no reason why you can’t market the skills you’ve gained through that company (just take a look at your contract to check you didn’t sign a non-compete. If you love nothing more than crafting blog posts, why not start your own blog or work on a few clips so you can begin pitching writing outlets?

If you’ve always known which colours work well together, and can easily put together a website homepage or amazing book cover, you could make some serious cash (enough to leave your full-time job if you’re smart). Ask your friends for referrals, check out Upwork, and put together a portfolio online so you can show potential clients what you can do.

Make a bet

There are now so many great betting sites available to choose from, and if you’re talented you can make some serious cash. The best thing about betting online is that along with being super fun, you can do it from anywhere. It’s not often that we’re paid to play games, but if you can keep your cool and learn the ins and outs of your favourite game, you could be in it to win it.


If you have experience with kids (particularly if you’ve had your own or worked as a nanny in the past), you’ll be surprised at how much people are willing to pay you to watch their kids. Got your first aid certificate or some solid childcare experience? You’re worth a lot to those soccer mums. Advertise online, in Facebook groups (there are plenty of parenting groups), or stick some flyers up at the local schools or kindergartens.

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