4 Tips for Planning Your Next Event

Whether you have a special birthday coming up, a wedding, baby shower – whatever the occasion, chances are you’re going to want to host a nice event that’s memorable and brings some of your favourite people together. It can be a little overwhelming planning an event, but with these tips you’ll be ready to host one of the most memorable events of the year!

1. Don’t Skip Invites
It’s all too easy these days to make a Facebook group and invite people along to an event. While there’s nothing wrong with it, it doesn’t make the event feel very special. Just like snail mail has become a surprise in the mail, a real printed invite can be a wonderful keepsake of a special time shared with loved ones. You can design and order your invites online, ensuring you create a lovely invite that’s both budget-friendly and going to make your loved ones feel special receiving it!

2. Decorate the Tables
Spending a little time decorating the tables can go a long way to changing the ambiance of your event! Pinterest is a hub of ideas for beautiful tablescapes depending on the occasion. At a minimum, adding some fresh or fake flowers can dramatically change how things look and make the environment feel more special. If you’re choosing to host during the evening, be sure to scatter some lit candles around to increase the homely feeling!

3. Consider a Pot Luck
If you want to host an event for a number of people, it can become stressful and expensive to provide food for everyone on top of beverages. As such, one of my favourite types of events to throw is a pot-luck style where everyone brings a dish to share. That way you’ll have a wide arrangement of food for everyone to enjoy, and it will cut the preparation time down substantially so you can focus on preparing the location or getting excited!

4. Have Some Games to Encourage Mixing
No matter whether you’re hosting a children’s party or a party for adults, games are a great way to get people interacting, laughing and just generally having a memorable time. I personally love Cards Against Humanity as it really brings out people’s personalities and is a good laugh. Traditional board or card games could also be a hit depending on the number of people. If it’s for a Bachelorette party or baby shower there are numerous fun games that are themed, if you’re lacking inspiration search Pinterest for specific occasions to find which games will be most fun for your guests.

Hosting events is such a great way to introduce new friends to one another and ensure that you create special memories together. Use these four tips to host a very memorable and enjoyable event for your favourite people. 

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