4 Costs of Building a Tiny House

Over the past ten years or so, tiny houses have become quite popular. With cost of living always rising and housing expenses always increasing, people have turned to tiny houses as a way to own their own home and keep their costs low. If you’re thinking about building a tiny house, here are some of the expenses you’ll need to keep in mind.

1.Building materials. This is fairly obvious but still needs to be said because the materials tend to be the most costly part of the process, unless you’re paying for labor. For those doing this themselves, building materials can also be found on the cheap. Find a source for reclaimed wood or see if you can get things from old houses being remodeled. Often times, fixtures that are perfectly fine like light coverings and faucets are being thrown out because they don’t match the new decor. Grab those for yourself to cut down costs.


2. Space. Even with a tiny house, space still costs money. Before you start building or look into buying, find an RV and trailer park that allows for tiny houses. If that’s not really what you’re looking for then you can find a private lot for rent as well. Just remember that if you go that route, you’ll probably have to hire a real estate agent and most of the utilities that come along with the parks will have to be figured out by you. RV and trailer parks supply electricity, gas, and water that are paid for through your lot fees. Some even offer Wi-Fi and cable. If you go it on your own, be prepared to cover everything.

3.Transportation. If you’ve got the tiny house all set and ready to go and need to get it to the park or your lot then you’re going to need a trailer and a truck to transport it. While these are things that can be borrowed, it may be worth it for you to purchase your own. After all, the appeal of a tiny house is that you don’t necessarily need to stay in one spot and can move your whole dwelling anywhere that’ll have you. Having your own trailer, truck, and trailer hitch can give you a sense of freedom so you don’t have to stay put if you feel like moving around.

4.Insurance. No matter what size the house, it’s going to have to be insured. Tiny houses are cheaper to cover than a traditional house but it’s still best to do some comparing. Most insurance companies will provide a homeowner’s insurance quote online so you can see what they’re offering compared to others. You don’t want to go through all the trouble of downsizing your life and building a house that you fit into perfectly only to spend a fortune on insurance. Worse than that is if you skip getting proper coverage and wind up losing your shirt if something happens. Be positive about the insurance you’re getting, not just on cost but on what they provide.

Tiny houses aren’t for everyone but more and more people are finding out how much they can fit in small spaces. Whether you make your own, buy a premade one, or even get a tiny house shell, there are lots of options for whatever your budget. Tiny house owners are creating new communities and looking at living spaces in a whole new way. If that sounds like you then start crunching the numbers. Owning a tiny house for yourself could be in your future!

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