5 Life Hacks to Make Money While Earning Your Degree

As a student in university studying for your degree, you’re probably used to living on a rather tight student budget. It’s probably quite normal for you to have to pass on things simply because you don’t have the extra money. Now, what if there were ways to earn that degree and make money at the same time? Wouldn’t that be the answer to so many problems?

Well, consider your problems solved thanks to these five ingenious life hacks to make money while you work on earning your degree.

Start a Side Career Blogging

Thanks to the popularity of social media networks, blogging is something that has really blown up over the past couple of years. Not just blogging, but also vlogging. Where it used to be something seen as a past-time and a hobby, people are now making careers out of it. Setting up your own blog and getting followers can take time and dedication, but it can have some great rewards.

Notebook Blogging Business Blogger Office

Become a Freelance Writer

Similar to blogging in that you’ll be writing, but a freelance writer takes on a variety of clients. You can take as little or as much work as you want, set your rates, and work from any place in the world.

Give Your Opinion and Get Paid

Reviewers are another job, in particular website, app, and game reviewers. Imagine being able to check out games and websites, give your opinion, and get paid for that opinion? Well, that’s exactly what this job entails.

Get Crafty and Sell Your Products

Do you have a hidden craft talent? Are you able to make something that people would want to buy? If so why not start a little side business of your own selling your products.

Give Your Tutoring Skills a Try

Tutors are something that is always in demand whether it be for elementary, secondary, or even post-secondary level students. This is an excellent opportunity to earn some income, while still allowing plenty of time for your own studies.

Line the Wallet a Little More

No matter which of these life hacks you give a try, there is one other step you can take to help make sure that you have that extra bit of money in your wallet. Students all over the country are quickly seeing the benefits online education offers.

Take for example the masters in social work online. You can literally learn from anywhere, at a pace that works for you, and a schedule that works for you. Since you won’t be attending the campus in person, you’ll be saving all kinds of money in that sense. All you have to worry about is the tuition. Depending on where you take your online MSW degree, you can earn your full degree in just three years.

Plenty of Ways to Earn Money

This is just a small look at the many ways you can make money while earning your university degree. Often it requires you to step outside your comfort zone and think of a creative way to use your own skills and talents.

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