How to Host a Safe Summer Wedding

June weddings are traditionally considered lucky, and the popularity of saying “I Do” during the warmest summer months has never waned. Climates are different in various regions, and some areas enjoy milder summers than others. In many places the heat can be record-breaking, so make sure to put your safety and of your guests in mind. Make smart, informed decisions so you can wisely host a safe summer wedding.

Comfort is Key

Extended exposure to high temperatures quickly leads to dehydration. Hosting beverages as guests wait for the ceremony is a welcome way to make sure all guests, young and old, stay hydrated on the Big Day.

A pre-ceremony refreshment station can be as simple, yet attractive, as galvanized tubs of bottled water or glass bottles of your favorite childhood soda – just don’t to include a discard station.. It is worth asking your caterer to staff the area before the ceremony to help clear refuse and ensure that guests don’t carry beverages to their seats.

Comfort extends to your bridal party as well. Choose light colored suits for the men and something that will reflect instead of absorb heat, like blush or mint green bridesmaid dresses, for the women. Chiffon is cooler than taffeta – select a lightweight fabric for the gowns and remember that a popular choice for summer weddings, satin can easily show sweat marks. They are not pretty in photos, so consult with your dressmaker for guidance.


Shade is a Must-Have, Not a Luxury

When choosing your ceremony placement, do everything in your power not to select a site that lacks coverage. Visit your venue in advance, as close to the time and season when you will hold your wedding to ensure that you have chosen responsibly with guest safety in mind. And don’t neglect your wedding party – remember that even in the most comfortable mint green bridesmaid dresses, heat is still a factor, and is compounded by nerves and the extra responsibilities of the wedding day.

Sometimes the perfect venue doesn’t have a sunless ceremony site. Options for turning a patch of direct sunlight into a cool ceremony spot include renting a tent or canopy or securing market umbrellas. Don’t forget to create an arrival or waiting area where guests can wait in the shade.

Additional Warnings

Be cautious when making plans with your caterer. If food stations are planned outside, make sure nothing sits out long enough to jeopardize guest health and that all food is sheltered from sunlight and pests.

Have a solid plan if the weather turns. Remember that it’s not just rain that ruins a wedding day. Ground-strike lightning is life threatening and can ruin expensive DJ or band equipment. Certain temperatures are simply unsuitable for outdoor celebrations, as well. Have an indoor inclement weather plan that is secure and practical and can be implemented at the last-minute if necessary. The extra time and expense will be more than worth it if something does go wrong, and will give you peace of mind as you stalk the weather channel the week before the wedding.

Summer is a beautiful time of year for a wedding, especially when your plans take its unique considerations into account. Spend some time now planning, and you will certainly enjoy a wonderful and safe wedding day.

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