5 Smart Tips for a Thrifty Christmas in 2020

The Christmas of 2020 is said to be one of the most special holidays ever – primarily because we are likely to stay at home and celebrate it while in quarantine. 

And for the few months that preceded the Holidays, the entire globe has been on a struggle maintaining jobs. Job security is certainly one of the things that most of us have to be thankful for.

However, the pressure of spending for the Holidays seems to be overpowering that families are allocating more of their budget for buying presents, decorations, Christmas trees, and cooking food for the celebration. 

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Below are tips on how we can celebrate a thrifty Christmas in 2020:

Plan ahead of time. Spend less ahead of time. Most holiday items are much cheaper when bought outside of the season. The law on supply and demand dictates that the prices of the items are intended to go up as more and more people are looking for the same supply. Also, spot the calendar for clearance sales all year round. More often you will find seasonal items, including those for Christmas which you can buy at much cheaper prices when they are bought off-season, than riding the Christmas rush bandwagon and shed more dollars trying to keep up. 

Second-hands should come first. You can check out thrift shops and or consignment shops for second-hand items. These are usually discounted but still are in good condition. Some items even remain unopened and they are as good as new.

These second-hand items are ideally meant for kids who will not mind the wrappings or the boxes the toys are in. Better yet, find a better box to put those toys in. This way, they would still look really nice when the kids start unwrapping those presents and see what’s inside.

Count the discount coupons. Be on the lookout for discount coupons when you shop. This is one thing that you can take advantage of when shopping for in-season items. A lot of stores will offer coupons that you can use to purchase items in the future. 

Some stores also give these incentives way ahead of time, so make sure you have enough to use when shopping for the Holidays.

Shop Online. Aside from the convenience, online shopping also offers you more options and makes you decide a lot better at the comfort of your chair, instead of walking back and forth the aisles of a physical store. You can choose from a variety of items sold online. Or you can visit specialty shops for your Christmas signs and decorations.

The best way to do online shopping is when you are in a good mood and can make sound decisions before checking out. To add, you can give yourself a deadline to shop, and use your time to list down and just put in the cart the items that you want to buy. This way, you have more time than you need to make sure that you are not forgetting anything and sort your items before checking them out.

Spend for Money-Backs. Unlike coupons that you can use to purchase with discounts, cash-back promos give you the chance to get back some of the money you used to purchase the items and use them for later. 

If you decide to spend more on off-season items, make sure you take advantage of the cash-back promos and use them wisely. Time your purchase during the holiday seasons to help you purchase those most wanted items by using those cash-back credits and only shell out the littlest amount of money you have on hand. 

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