Costume Party Ideas for Halloween

If you plan to throw a costume party to remember, you need to go all out. Do your neighborhood and friends a favor and make it happen so that you all could have a night to remember in the time of a Coronavirus pandemic. Make sure to follow the safety protocols and follow social distancing when you are throwing a party this big and memorable.

Here are cool ideas to help you organize the most epic Halloween Costume Party in the most epic year of 2020: 

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Decor with dark. It’s not just the lighting, but the overall tone. The darker the theme is, the more spook it will bring. You can hang dark curtains, bring out dark tablecloths, and use dark spray paints on your walls. You can add spiders and makeshift cobwebs. Bats are a hit this year, so make sure you have an ample supply of bats in your decorations. 

Use dimmed lights to highlight your decor. You want to set up the mood, you need to set your lighting the right way. Dimmed lights and dark-toned decorations are a match. You can use candles to light the tables instead of using a table lamp. Put background lighting with the darker colors in the spectrum.

Scare creatively. Set the mood the moment your visitors reach your doorstep. Hang a welcoming wall art for Halloween by the front door. Place your scary figurines and props in places where they can get surprised. Adding some gore and eeriness in the overall vibe is not going to hurt, but help you set your mood for the rest of the night. 

‘Tis the season for scaring. Utilize seasonal elements to your advantage. This will help in the natural feel of your event. Add some autumn leaves in the hallways and some jack-o-lanterns scattered on the sides. 

And yes, don’t forget about the bats.

You can come up with so many ideas for your decorations. There are a lot of online sources that can inspire you on how you want to decorate your house for the party. If you feel overwhelmed with options, select a specific theme and let it be your headway.

Costumes, contests, and prizes. You can give away prizes for your winners – create several categories so there will be more people who can win. Put in mind that during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are not encouraged to go out to the malls or in public places. So, veer away with gift cards, and give them something that they can bring home instead, granted that they sanitize it before and after. Bottles of wine, Halloween themed bath soap perhaps?

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Food. Set up a menu featuring cocktails and festival themes for snacks. This is to make them more focused on the goings-on instead of being fixated on the table trying to finish a complete meal on their plate. 

Finger foods are a good go-to option, but make sure that you are strictly following the protocols for COVID-19 in food serving. 

Music. This depends on the demographics that will attend your party. If mostly composed of children, you may use Disney soundtracks or those that they usually hear from their TV shows. You can check the online playlists for young adults, the adults or even set  a specific music type for a specific type of crowd 

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