Actress Melissa Bolona’s Holiday Gift Guide

Procrastinating on Holiday Shopping due to lack of inspiration? Stylish and multi-talented actress Melissa Bolona has some handy tips for choosing thoughtful gifts this holiday season.

For The Book Lover: Books are the sources of knowledge and portals to new worlds. If you have a book lover in your life, consider a Kindle or Amazon gift card. If, however, your book lover is a fan of the classics, ditch the plastic for a special addition of their favorite classical literature from Barnes and Noble.

For The Juggler: If you have someone who is juggling multiple schedules, consider gifting a portable day planner. Melissa Bolona, like many other aspiring stars, knows the importance of an organized and balanced schedule. But in today’s hectic society, we are increasingly dependent on records and reminders for important events. So what happens if a phone’s planner is not synched to the cloud and your phone dies? Scheduling chaos. Which is precisely why having a paper backup can be so extremely helpful.

For The Sentimentalist: For the sentimental person in your life, consider an electronic picture frame. This will allow your loved one to view pictures without the clutter of physical albums. A good alternative is a decoration or a mug that has a printed photo. This is also great for parents whose children are leaving home, or for someone who is traveling.

For the Workaholic: Whether you have a friend who is constantly working, or know someone who has had a stressful year, a massage is always a great gift. Most people love being pampered but are unlikely to book a massage for themselves. Many places have promotions for the holidays, so you can treat yourself as well and help yourself cope with the holiday stress.

Holiday shopping is not something to be feared, but rather to be enjoyed. When in doubt, remember that the season is about spending time with loved ones. Be sure to check out Melissa Bolona’s holiday gift guide on her website now.

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