Finding the perfect homewares online

Did you just buy a home and now need to outfit it from top to bottom? Are you tired of clutter and feel like you need a different way to store things? Could you be using hand-me-downs from friends and family? Are you a closet interior designer who wants to remake things in your own style?

If any of these sound like your situation, it is time to get shopping for new homewares! Homewares are great to shop for because there are various items for all the rooms of the house, and there are many styles from which to choose. In other words, you can go a little wild with your shopping ideas, and spend a little or a lot.

In this day and age, finding what you want is as close as the click of a mouse. You can definitely try the brick-and-mortar places, but you should spend some time online, scoping out what is new, cool or on sale. To make sure that you don’t spend more time online than you do actually enjoying your purchases, here are some tips for finding the perfect homewares online.


First things first

You need to start with a practical assessment of what you need. This probably means getting rid of some items. Those cheap cardboard coasters that you got free at the bar need to be replaced. The orange comforter that you bought at a thrift shop might be in good shape, but it clashes with the blue paint on the walls. Take it one room at a time, but be honest about what has to go. Be sure to recycle or upcycle where possible.

Figuring out what has to go will help you make your list of what stays, and what needs to be taken care of first. You may want new spoons, forks, and knives, but a more pressing need may be a coffee maker. On the other hand, if you need to completely outfit your kitchen, a flatware set is a good place to start – you will need them to eat! Decide if you want to complete one room before starting on another, or if you want to make small changes in every room over time.

Saving space

You may live in a really small space, or you may have accumulated things over a lifetime. Either way, making storage a priority yet keeping it aesthetically acceptable can be tough. You can go one of two ways with your shopping. One is to head to a storage-dedicated store. The benefit to a shop such as The Container Store is that you will find a great variety of sizes, shapes, and purposes.

Other shops, such as Atelier Sukha in Amsterdam, are geared more towards artistic items that can store your items and be a part of your décor. It’s worth spending time on the décor side to see if your solution can be visually appealing as well as practical. Designer shops can also lead you to storage solutions that are not visually obvious so that storage doesn’t take over your space.


Working within a budget

Almost everyone has to set some budget boundaries on their spending. Some items may be worth the extra cost to you, but other items of great quality are available at affordable prices. Some of the best homewares options can come from stores like New Easy, formally known as As Seen on TV. Instead of shelling out big bucks for a copper pan or a vegetable slicer, you can invest in low cost products and save your money for more extravagant items such as 1,000 thread count sheets.

Design motivated

While everyone would be delighted to have an interior designer come in to “feng shui” their living space, it’s simply not practical. That doesn’t mean that you can’t use the ideas of great design elements and great designers to pick your homewares. Stores such as Trouva in London have curated collections to help you build boutique shop kitchen collections. The store RE-Foundobjects uses recycled objects to create unique works that can accent your living room. If you need furniture that’s eclectic or quirky, Rose & Grey can steer you to excellent selections.

Finding the best homewares for every room in your home is a snap online. From colanders to couches, shower caddies to shoe racks, you can save time and money while realizing your best design ideas. Don’t head to the local store – head into the international scene online and make your home the perfect statement of your style.

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