Why Afternoon Tea is the Perfect Social Activity

Are you looking for the perfect social activity? Are you looking for something to do with friends and family that is a little bit more elegant than heading to the coffee shop or grabbing some greasy fast food? Well, afternoon tea is just the solution. Brits love afternoon tea, with so many enjoying the ritual at every time of year and for many different occasions. No matter if it’s a birthday celebration, Mother’s Day, or simply meeting with friends, afternoon tea is the ideal option. You just can’t go wrong with this most quintessential English experience.


To help convince those who are on the fence about its magnificence, Mottram Hall have create an infographic all about why ‘Why afternoon tea is the perfect social activity’, highlighting its many virtues, such as it being a great excuse to drink copious amounts of tea, delicious finger food, and the elegance of a splendid Cheshire afternoon tea. So, read on and enjoy the infographic and make sure to enjoy a spot of afternoon tea for your next social occasion soon, no matter what the company is. Just make sure to leave room for plenty of delicious cakes, sandwiches, and yummy scones.


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