Valentine’s Makeup Look

Whether you’re spending Valentine’s day with your special someone or with your gang of single friends, this is the perfect excuse for you to whip out some new makeup looks and experiment. Be inspired by these ideas.

Soft, Romantic Look

Give your skin a natural, satin finish with a lovely dewy glow.

As your skin is the main feature to highlight for this look, make sure you dab a velvety foundation on lightly with the tips of your fingers and smooth it out to achieve the coverage you want. Use a foundation brush to buff out the product if you’re looking for more of an airbrushed look that’s blended more evenly across your face.

Next, apply a soft, pink blush to the top of your cheekbones to add some subtle colour to the face. Highlight the eyes with a soft, smokey eyeshadow and dark mascara, perfect for a candlelit dinner date.

Complete the look with a pop of peachy pink lipstick or any lighter shade and give yourself that extra boost in confidence.  


Bold, Glamorous Look

Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to make a statement with a bright, bold lipstick and dramatic eye makeup. Highlight your lips with a pigmented red lipstick or go for a warm, coral pink.

Go for a liquid lipstick over a matte one to help seal in moisture and leave lips feeling hydrated. For the ultimate glamorous look, choose a deep, berry colour but remember to pair it with cream eyeshadow and apply a shimmery highlighter to brighten the cheekbones.

Classic, French Look

Paris, the city of love, provides endless inspiration for Valentine’s Day makeup looks. We all know the French are very serious when it comes to their skin care routine so before applying any foundation be sure to moisturise your skin.

Often your other concerns are overlooked at this vital step in your routine. Nourish your skin and address the redness, irritation, lines and other problems by using a custom blend moisturiser that’s tailored to your skin type.

Ensuring your skin is smooth is important for when you later apply foundation as it will ensure that foundation won’t stick to dry patches on the forehead or chin. It also provides a good base for the foundation to sink into the skin for a more natural look.

While a custom moisturiser may be a great daily addition for anyone – another great way to address your skin concerns is by using a night time skin treatment ritual. Allow your skin to heal and renew itself overnight as you sleep and wake up to beautiful, radiant skin, ready for any look to be applied.

Add a finishing touch to this look with a bright red lipstick and nude eyeshadow. An extra hint of shimmer will give you that extra chic and effortless edge, perfect for a casual Valentine’s dinner date.


Smokey Eyeshadow Look

Sometimes all you need to do to make a statement is highlight that one outstanding feature on your face. Playing with different colour combinations to achieve a smokey, sultry eyeshadow without doing too much to other areas of the face is a simple yet romantic way to add some drama to your eye makeup.

Underneath all of that however, make sure to moisturise the eye area with a soothing eye serum. This will reduce puffiness and any redness above and underneath the eye area and remove some of the signs of aging.

All of these makeup looks are easy to pull off and are perfect for a lovely dinner or night out on Valentine’s Day. However no makeup look or outfit for that matter is complete without a spritz of your favourite perfume. An ethereal fragrance with a soft blend of floral or citrus notes will complete any Valentine’s Day look.

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