Always wanted a Disney fairytale wedding dress? Well now you can!

Not content with owning the world’s biggest companies or launching its own streaming service, Disney is now setting its sights on the lucrative wedding industry. The entertainment titan has collaborated with American bridal boutique Allure Bridals to create a line of gorgeous Disney princess-themed bridal gowns. With sixteen different aesthetics to pick from, brides can now perfectly channel their inner Disney star, depending on whether they’re an Ariel, Belle, Aurora, Jasmine, Cinderella, or Pocahontas. 

Hosting a Disney-themed wedding isn’t a new trend, though. Couples have long been keen to inject their love of Mickey Mouse and co into their big day, in the form of magical Disneyland proposals or breathtaking wedding-day details. So if you’re a fan of everything that emerges from the House Of Mouse, and are looking for easy ways to incorporate that love into your big day, we’ve got the ultimate guide to throwing the fairytale wedding of your dreams.


Flowers are a huge part of any wedding, and have a firm place in the Disneyverse too. But with the sheer range available, it can be difficult finding the right blooms and arrangements for your ceremony, from the bouquets to the centerpieces and buttonholes. And for a wedding day worthy of the Magic Kingdom, you can take it even further with floral crowns for your bridesmaids, as well as petals scattered down the aisle — just like they offer for weddings held at Disney resorts. 

To recreate this special touch on your own big day, you’ll need to discuss this theme with your florist, and get an idea of what they can realistically deliver within your budget. As the florists at Blooming Haus note, the concept design includes creating mood boards to capture the right feel for your wedding day, which allows them to more carefully consider the flowers they use. This ensures that everything about your wedding flowers, from the type to the colours, is in keeping with the tone of the day.


You might not have put much thought into how you’ll be getting to and from your wedding venue, but it’s a great way to add a touch of extra magic to the big day. Hiring a horse and carriage can make you feel like royalty, while providing the perfect photo opportunity. For a real Cinderella experience, you could even hire a carriage shaped like a pumpkin.

Whichever type of transportation you choose, be sure to opt for something that can blend seamlessly with your look by dressing it up. Decorate with the same flowers in your bouquet, offer the driver the same buttonhole, or even see if the horses could (comfortably and happily) sport some matching accessories.

Venue decor

The most obvious choice for a Disney-themed wedding venue is a castle or stately home, and there are estates around the country happy to accommodate couples tying the knot, suiting a range of budgets. For winter weddings, look for somewhere with a big enough ballroom to accommodate your entire party, with the interior design aesthetic you’re looking for — whether that’s baroque, gothic, or even art nouveau. You should also check with the owners about whether you can bring in your own decorations or accessories on the day, as some may have rules set in place about what kinds of vendors are allowed in, to avoid damaging the structure or interior design.

If you’re getting married in the summer, however, consider the advantages of hosting outdoors. A woodland area provides the perfect backdrop for a fairytale romance, and can look and feel magical as the sun sets. Add soft lighting with fairy lights and candles on the tables for an extra enchanted vibe.


Cutting the cake is one of the most popular wedding traditions, but at an average price of £292, you’ll want to make sure it’s in keeping with your overall theme. Take inspiration from any of the Disney-themed wedding cakes available online, whether it’s a tiered bake, decorated with scenes from your favourite movie, or a cluster of cupcakes showing off character decorations. Add even more magic by projecting an animation onto a plain white tiered cake, making it come to life before your guests’ eyes. Alternatively, you could take a more simplistic approach with a plain cake and invest in a custom-made cake topper, featuring you and your spouse as your favourite fairytale prince and princess. They’ll make an adorable talking point for your guests, and act as a keepsake for you after the big day.


There’s no shortage of Disney inspired accessories which can be easily incorporated into your wedding day. Get these adorable Retro Styler Mickey Mouse cufflinks for the groom, and treat the bride to a pair of Disney-inspired heels. If you didn’t manage to get hold of the Minnie Mouse-inspired heels by high-street favourite Primark, Designer Shoe Warehouse has you covered. The shoe designer partnered with Disney to release a range of heels inspired by Cinderella in their fittingly-titled Glass Slipper Collection

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