Four Awesome Things to Do in Texas | Spring Break 2020 Edition

It’s official – the spring break season is just around the corner! Heck, in some places, it’s already in full swing. If you’re in the middle of your spring break 2020 preparations, but you’re still not 100% sure if Texas is the right choice, perhaps this piece will convince you it’s probably the best choice if you’re living in a nearby state! 

Four Awesome Texas To-Do’s

For starters, Texas has a rich history and numerous natural monuments worth exploring. The heat can be an issue sometimes, but it won’t be too big of a problem if you plan your trip appropriately.

Heat aside, Texas won’t disappoint you as far as family-friendly vacation destinations go. If you’re looking for a place that’s far away from the usual college spring break madness, perhaps some of the following four to-dos’ will be exactly what you’re looking for.

Explore the Cascade Caverns

The Cascade Caverns really is a breathtaking location. The scenery is unearthly and will captivate not just your little ones but you as well. Best of all, it’s located just outside of San Antonio, which makes it a perfect one-day trip location on the cheap.

Another great thing is the temperature. Inside the Cascade Caverns, you can expect around 69 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year, which makes it the ideal escape from TX’s intense heat. Spoiler alert— there’s a massive 100-foot underground waterfall that is bound to sweep you off your feet!

Casino Action Is a No-Brainer

Let’s face it, the majority of family vacations are boring… unless you’re a kid, then it’s the best time of your life, and you’ll cherish every second of it! I’m not trying to be mean here, I know there are parents who love family vacations, but I’m just not buying it. Where’s the fun in doing kids’ activities all day long?

Legal Texas online casinos are here to help! Yep, online casinos are legal in Texas. If that’s too much of a hassle for you, you can always visit one of the few brick and mortar locations in Native American territory. To be honest, online casinos aren’t as gimmicky as most people think. They’re easy to set up and can be a great pastime while your children are living their best lives. Who knows? Maybe you’ll win a few extra bucks.

Visit the Moody Gardens

Even though the entire Galveston Island is one big must-see, Moody Gardens stands out as the most mesmerizing attraction. Not only are those giant glass pyramids easy on the eye, but the entire complex is as educational as it is fun, making it the perfect destination for families with children.

Moody Gardens features three main pyramid attractions, the Aquarium Pyramid, the Rainforest Pyramid, and the Discovery Pyramid. Each has its own unique atmosphere and sense of enjoyment. It will leave your little ones craving for more, that’s for sure!

Waves Resort Corpus Christi

Formerly known as Schlitterbahn, the Waves Resort in Corpus Christi is a no-brainer if you’re into water parks. Even if you’re not that big on water parks, you’ll appreciate a few water splashes here and there as the weather gets warmer. Plus, your kids will have the time of their lives.

The Waves Resort is located on the island portion of Corpus Christi, and the spring break attractions have started on Friday, March 6th. If you want the full Waves Resort experience, I’m afraid you’ll have to wait till May 22nd when the 2020 summer season kicks off.

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