Ara Chackerian Leads the Charge for Sustainable Growth and Healthcare Advances

Ara Chackerian has become one of the most vocal champions of caring for the sustainability of the planet and its resources. What distinguishes Chackerian from many other voices in the environmental movement is that he offers creative ways to harness technological advances to make sure that we are not over-harvesting the planet’s resources or polluting beyond what we have the capacity to replenish through remediation. efforts. Chackerian has been vocal about his position that we do not need to stand in the way of economic progress to safeguard the environment.


In addition to being a thought leader in the area of combining technology with environmental sustainability, Ara Chackerian has been quite active in the healthcare industry. Is the co-founder and currently serves as a general partner of TMS Health Solutions, which specializes in offering transcranial magnetic stimulation treatments for patients with chronic depression. TMS Health Solutions specifically serves those who have undergone treatments for depression in the past and have not achieved any significant improvements in their condition. The treatments that TMS Health Solutions provides can be implemented in conjunction with medicine and talk therapy. Chackerianinvested significant time, energy and resources in exploring and studying various psychiatric outpatient facilities while founding the company.

The underlying thread in all of Chackerian’s impressive achievements is that he is a perpetual entrepreneur and investor. Ara Chackerian┬áhas spent his life pursuing opportunities to improve the health and well-being of those around him and encouraging others to do so. One of the trends that Chackerian is most closely following right now is digital healthcare. He is excited about exploring the potential for apps and healthcare tracking devices to identify patterns in patients’ behavior and notify them and their healthcare providers about changes in their behaviors and activities that could indicate an onset of symptoms of depression. This will allow healthcare providers to intervene at an earlier stage of patient care and prevent major depressive episodes from taking over.

Chackerian is also looking into ways to link up primary care providers with behavioral health providers to provide patients with a more comprehensive approach to their healthcare. One of the benefits of the models for digital healthcare monitoring that Chackerian is championing is that behavioral health providers could get instant feedback in changes to their patients’ mental health status, which could be also reported to their primary care providers. This allows for a uniform approach to patient care that keeps all of the most important healthcare providers up to date on changes in a patients’ condition that could require either immediate treatment or a difference course of treatment. One of the ways that Chackerian is working to facilitate these connections between healthcare providers is by hosting symposiums and educational healthcare workshops for both primary care physicians and behavioral health providers. While many of these seminars have focused on TMS therapies, Chackerian has also introduced the concept of various categories of healthcare providers embracing ways to coordinate with each other in providing the best possible patient care.

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