Reasons Why Art Is Good For Your Mental Health

Artist Anni Albers once said that “art is something that makes you breathe a different kind of happiness.” It’s true, but not only does painting or creating a sculpture have the ability to put a smile on our faces, art also has the potential to boost your mental health and improve your overall mindset. Here is why.

Provides Stress Relief

Allowing you to be totally immersed in an apparent creative flow, the process of creating art is oftentimes used for medical purposes as a strategic method to distract patients and relieve stress.

In recent years, adult colouring books have proved to be an extremely popular way of relieving and coping with stress.


Helps To Develop Emotions

A scientific study that was used to analyse the thoughts of over 10,000 students whilst on a one-hour trip to an art museum, recorded data that revealed looking at art results in a changes in the way people both think and feel.

It was shown that the trip to the museum resulted in students increasing their empathy towards people and had a greater tolerance in relation to people different from themselves.

Boosts Self-esteem

Picture this: you are looking up onto the wall and seeing a piece of work that you initially came up with and then took the time to develop and create. Now it is hanging on the wall for people to see. It is through experiences like this in which art can prove to be an incredible way for you to boost your self-esteem and feel better about yourself.

If you are not a fan of actually creating the artwork then you don’t have to worry, because even the process of purchasing artwork and hanging it up on your wall allows you to feel a real sense of satisfaction. Sites like Fine Art America, which is the world’s largest art marketplace, can give you the opportunity to purchase a range of styles of art and, also, experience the proud and exciting feeling of putting it on display on your wall.

Encourages Creative Thinking

It goes without saying that art without doubt encourages creative thinking and it allows you to use a part of your brain which is seldomly used if you are not regularly perusing an artistic hobby or career.

Helps You Develop Worthwhile Life Skills

You would be forgiven if you thought that art only gives you the opportunity to boost your creativity skills. It does however, do so much more than that. For example, it can assist you in every day life due to the fact that it allows you to plan ahead, produce consistent work, show commitment, work on your critical thinking skills and the ability to resist impulses in order to reach the overall aim of finishing and being happy with a piece of art.








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