The best gift ideas for the women in your life

It makes me laugh when I hear guys describe women as “hard to buy for,” since every woman I know is easily pleased as long as the gift giver has put a little thought into her gift.

If you have a special occasion coming up, and need a gift for the woman or women in your life, here are some great gift ideas:


Flowers are versatile, beautiful, and can be used to express a number of different things. Not to mention, you can even order them online at, which is perfect if you’ve left the gift-buying to the last minute. Whether you need to spoil your mum for Mother’s Day, show your girlfriend you appreciate her, congratulate your bestie on her new baby, or show your thinking of a friend who has had someone pass away, flowers are a great choice for all of these things.

If you’re not sure which flowers are appropriate for which occasion, you’ll usually find that the florists are only too happy to help you, and can steer you in the right direction and towards the perfect arrangement.


Who doesn’t love a good candle? Candles can be used in so many ways, and are perfect when women want to relax in the bath with a glass of wine, when they need to decompress after a long day, or they simply want their apartment to smell divine. It can be hard to choose the right scent, so think about the personality of the woman you’re buying for- total sweet tooth? Chocolate or vanilla candles are a winner. Girly girl? There are a variety of flowery and fruity scents to choose from, while tomboys may like something a little more restrained- think rustic scents.


Many women need to take more time for themselves, and yet they’re constantly too busy looking after everyone else. Solve this problem with a voucher to their favourite hair salon, get them a manicure, or spring for a long massage so they can finally relax in peace. If she’s not the pampering type, there are still a variety of awesome vouchers to choose from- including her favourite clothes store, Amazon, iTunes, and more.


Whether you need to buy a gift for your mother, grandmother, sister, girlfriend, best friend, or daughter, the best gift any woman can receive is time. Often life gets so busy that we can all get caught up in the mad rush of it and forget to keep in touch or spend quality time as much as we should. Write the woman in your life a note that gives them one day with you to spend however they like- maybe you’ll just do lunch and a movie, maybe you’ll head to a theme park, or maybe you’ll go on a hike. Whatever it is, it’s their choice and they get your undivided attention for a full 12 hours.


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