The best toys for kids of all ages

Wondering what to get your child or grandchild for an upcoming birthday or another special occasion? IT can be tough to find age-appropriate toys sometimes. Luckily, we’ve got the lowdown on the best toys for a variety of ages, making it easy for you to choose the perfect toy for your loved one.

Here are the best toys for each age:

0-1 Years old

According to experts, even the smallest children benefit from toys. Toys help infants learn about the world. While babies can’t grasp objects until they’re a few months old, they still enjoy exploring with their eyes and ears. Toys that are noisy and colorful are especially appealing for this age group. Check out the VTech Move and Crawl Baby ball. Young babies will love looking at the bright colors, while those a little older will end up crawling after it as it wiggles and rolls across the room.
Teepee Joy

1-3 Years old

This is such a fun age. Toddlers are constantly learning, and they do much of it by play. The best toddler gifts are those that help them develop and grow, while still being fun. Since toddlers can play rough, they should also be designed specifically for this age group. Check out the Lego Duplo box set, which is a great introduction for toddlers learning to build. Since the Duplo blocks are nice and large, they’ll avoid getting frustrated and can work on their motor skills. The best thing about this set? Kids get years of fun out of them, so don’t be surprised if older brothers and sisters want to play too.

3-5 Years Old

Kids in this age range are using their imaginations and it’s common for them to have imaginary friends. They’re also learning a wide variety of skills and are able to play with other kids around the same age. If you’re looking for a gift that’s sure to wow, take a look at a teepee for kids (click the link to check out the huge variety). There are endless designs to pick from, they’re made to order in the USA, and they’re also made from excellent quality materials- meaning they’ll be a favourite for kids as they grow and can be handed down to younger siblings.

What types of toys do you love for the above age groups? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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