Going through a quarter-life crisis? Here’s what you should know

Feeling like you have no idea what you’re doing with your life? You’re not alone. Many millennials are currently going through a quarter-life crisis, made worse by the fact that social media makes it look like everyone else is enjoying a great life and has it all together. Even though this is far from the truth.

If you feel like you took a wrong turn somewhere, you’re not sure what you should do instead, or you’re just stuck, here are some tips:

Stop the comparison game

We all know how social media works- no one posts about how they’re questioning if their major was the right choice for them, they’re in massive student debt, or they hate their job. So why do we so easily get sucked into the social media comparison game?

Sure, your friend may be in Bali, but she may have sacrificed the opportunity for her dream job to get there. Another friend may have that dream job, but be miserable while working 80-hour weeks.

Social media is a dirty trick, and it will make you feel like crap about your life if you let it. Keep in mind that what someone is posting may not be the whole story.


Be open to new ideas

If you went through college thinking you’d do medicine, only to realise you hate the sight of blood and can’t imagine dealing with sick people, you’re not alone. Plenty of people choose the wrong degree or career path for them, due to the pressure to choose their future life at such a young age.

If you’re not even sure where to go next, a numerologist can help. Sometimes the weirdest ideas can be the ones that resonate- even if you suddenly realise you’ve always wanted to be an actor, and law school was the wrong decision.

Talk it out

One of the things I’ve noticed since I’ve become more open with my friends, is how many of them are going through the exact same struggles. Even the ones that look like they have it the most together are throwing themselves on their bed in a sobbing mess after a day at work.

When you start talking about your feelings and your quarter-life crisis, you’ll likely find that many of your peers feel the same way. And this can make it much easier for you to deal with your own crisis- since you’re all in it together.

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