How to Brighten a Dark Hallway

The hallway is the first space you will enter once you return home. While you might want to walk into a bright and inviting interior, the reality might be a dark and narrow space. Fortunately, with a few decorative tweaks, you can add space and light into an entrance. Find out how to brighten a dark hallway.

Hang Mirrors

Create a well-lit, spacious hallway by hanging mirrors, which will reflect both natural and artificial light across the entrance. We also recommend positioning the mirrors to reflect any natural sunlight that enters the hallway.

Install a Window

Welcome natural sunlight into your home by adding a window into the hallway wall or door. Any homeowner living with a dark hall could benefit from installing even a small pane of glass into their front door. If security is an issue, use frosted or opal glass to maintain your privacy.

Add Flush Mount Ceiling Lights

A narrow hallway with low ceilings can make it difficult to brighten a space. If this sounds like your hallway, you should consider adding stylish flush mount ceiling lights into the center of entrance. There are number of styles to complement both your home’s architectural details and interior design, and a centered fixture can even distribute light throughout the hall.

Paint or Replace a Balustrade

Do you have a natural wood balustrade flanking your hallway? It could be consuming a considerable amount of light. Soften up a space by painting the balustrade white, which can complement any interior design whilst enhancing the reflection of light.

If you really want to reflect light across the hallway, and are willing to undertake major renovation work, you should consider replacing a traditional wooden balustrade with a clear glass alternative, which will allow natural sunlight to flow across the hallway and stairway.

Utilize Light from an Adjacent Room

Utilize light from adjacent rooms by hanging doors that have either clear or translucent glass. This will allow a hallway to become flooded with natural or artificial light, which can flow across the ground floor. Again, if privacy is a concern, you can install a door with frosted or opal glass.

Refinish the Floor

Do you have a wooden floor in the hallway? Increase light and space by simply painting wood floors in a lighter color. There are many specialist floor paints available on the market to help create a sense of an airy home that provides a quality finish that improves with age. Or, if you would like to go the professional route, you could have them sanded and refinished by a hardwood floor restoration company. They will be able to stain them a light color, or bleach them white, before applying a high-end finish over them for protection.

Transform a Hardwood Door

Do you have a hardwood door in the hallway? It could be absorbing some much-needed light across the entrance area, which can create a dark and gloomy environment. It might be a wise idea to paint the door’s internal face so it cannot only reflect light, but it can also transform your home’s atmosphere. So, you can walk into a beautiful, bright, and airy space that will welcome you home.

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