What You Can Do to Prevent Hair Loss Due to Stress

Daily doses of stress and unwanted energy around you can have a negative impact on your body in many ways. From having an unrested body and sudden weight gain and increasing blood pressure to hair loss, stress can provide them all. 

While each part of the body reacts differently to stress raisers, one major part of the body receives the most negative impact: hair loss.

Why is Hair Loss Connected with Stress?

When your body is facing huge amounts of stress in either a physical or emotional way, it can affect the quality of your hair. As a result, it can generate hair loss.

That’s because the huge amounts of stress keep pushing your hair follicles into the difficult state. The negative result is that your hair begins to shed and will produce unhealthy and thin hair.

Our hair goes through a proper life cycle of growth. However, when stress affects our body, it alters the hair’s growth stage and transforms into a weaker and unhealthy one.

The Inconvenient Truth About Hair Loss

Did you know that each one of us loses up to 100 hairs a day? This is quite normal for every person. That’s because our entire head is composed of over 150,000 strands on your head. That’s why you won’t feel or even notice those missing 100 hair strands each day. 

However, once you notice in the mirror that your hairlines are receding more than your typical hair loss, you should start taking notes and discuss the downside of it to your doctor.

The good news is that there are lots of things you can do to stop stress problems. Once you manage your stress, it will help you a lot to reduce the hair loss problems.

How to Cope Up With Stress and Improve your Hair Quality

Here’s what you need to do to fight stress and generate more healthy hair:

  1. You Need to Workout Regularly

Having a daily workout allows you to release negative toxins inside your body. Also, it improves the blood flow in the entire body that helps to pump the blood going to your hair follicles. Once the blood reaches the hair follicles regularly, it will produce healthier hair.

  1. You Need to Eat Healthy and Balanced Food

Avoid eating junk and artificial foods because they produce unwanted nutrients and affect your hair’s quality. Instead, you can eat green and leafy vegetables rich in folate, vitamins A, and C that promote hair growth.

Take Away

Fighting stress helps you to improve your physical and mental aspects of life. Most specifically, it allows you to produce healthy hair. 

However, if you already have major hair loss, the only thing you can do is consider a hair transplant. A hair transplant allows you to restore your natural hair. It also brings back your youthful looks, and it restores your confidence in other people.

Consider Hair transplant costs, all the expenses you will provide during the operation will give you tremendous results. So, start considering a hair transplant to end your stress in life finally!

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